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    Ok, who doesn’t love some traffic?

    So many options though right? I love some video, but that’s a piece or part that’s needed, not really the method of traffic generation itself 🙁

    Got to say the one I always hear such great things about from friends who are coaches or have big followings…start and run a Facebook Group!

    a). we already have content from all our coach and product work and to post bits and pieces of it just makes so much sense

    b). asking folks to join a FB group isn’t as big of an ask as their email. It feels like joining a club and most people that are active on-line like that kind of thing.

    c). if you can get some good, fun & active folks into it, you can just feed them questions, poles, surveys, ideas to vote on or finish, contests to share pics or stories, etc…but they end up helping to make the group great and attractive to new folks moving forward (social proof)

    d). when you post in the group as admin, it goes to everyone’s facebook email…which in a lot of ways is almost as good as having their email and quite honestly, a lot more likely for them to open and click :0)

    e). you can post back to said articles, free trainings, surveys, quizzes, etc on your website, which means they see all those banners, email sign-up, can get pixel’d for retargeting on multiple platforms (FB, adwords/youtube, perfect audience, adroll, etc), can get them onto FB messenger list when they comment, etc. Which not only gives you opportunity to get them into other communication channels and potentially pitch them something, but also ads to your street cred 😉

    f). what a great place to find out what your tribe wants/needs!…then once created a week or month later, to offer it at a discount since they were part of the process or offer them reduced alpha/beta participation. Just makes the whole group cooler, feel more valuable/included and a great value since they get “insider”/”buddy” deals/offers…Sweet! Problem with free and low entry offers is the “too good to be true” vibe, often they figure it’s a crappy product or just a open hook to start selling them, but within this experience and framing of the FB Group…it comes off so much warmer, kinder and fuzzier to most, it does to me when I’m in such groups 🙂

    g). last that I can think on the fly, you can run FB traditional or video ads in the newsfeed to laser targeted folks to join your FB Group. I’ve run tons of FB ads, but dying to try to a FB Group, as a number of friends have told me the cost per member is low to very low if the targeting is good and the name/concept/proposition of the group is a tight match.

    Ok, so I’ll be working on my FB coaching group this next 2-4 weeks, I’ll come back to this thread to share the link and results so anyone that wants to can “come along for the ride” if you like. Also, I’m in Atlanta for 26 years but 23 years first in Buffalo, NY, so thick skinned and take criticism well…almost like it’s a gift, so I would be much beholden to any honest feedback or advice from any other coaches or consultants out there that feel like it.

    Anyone else wants in on that “review my FB group action”…I’ll be more than glad to do the same for ya’ll (Georgia in affect), so just post it in the thread hear and it’s on!

    Happy FB Grouping to all, and to all a good night 😉


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    Yes, I’m interested in following your FB group! What should I search under, or what is the link?

    Also, what is the difference from a FB page (I have several), and a group?

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    Hey Bob,

    Will be setting up my FB Group over next couple weeks. Preparing some content before launching. Can put rules, intro post/video at top, etc…so don’t want to run ads to it until ready.

    Regarding difference with traditional FB Page, when you post to your page, 10-15% of those that follow or like will typically see your post in their newsfeed, FB decides who will see it based on their frequency of visit and engagement, which is based on the assumption that they are most interested and happy to see it in their newsfeed. Imagine though that you need to reach all of them to let them know your store is closed for snow, an event has been rescheduled, you’ve added to their membership area, having technical issues, etc…but only 10-15% likely to even have in newsfeed, but how many will then see it and click through? Very few.

    With a FB Group, whenever you post or message, they get an email from FB on behalf of your FB group letting them know. Since from FB, deliverability and open rates are super high. Since says from a FB Group they joined and familiar with, the click through rate is very high as well. Because others are hopefully posting content and having discussion, if you keep throwing a log on the fire, folks come in way more often than they go check a FB page…

    Now FB Groups can be open, closed or secret. Open anyone can join, so generally accepted that they get watered down. Secret can’t be found in FB search, so makes hard for folks to find your group, but it protects outsiders from seeing the posts, which can be ideal if you’re running a support group on a sensitive subject, but then people will only know by invite. Most do closed, which means the group can be found in FB search, which is great since they are likely interested in your topic, but because closed, they can’t see inside until they request entry and someone approved them. Part of that process, is that you can actually create a questionnaire for on-boarding where you can pre-qualify them a bit, which is great since the better they are a match, the more engagement and value they’ll get.

    I’ve never run FB ads to grow a FB Group, but a number of friends have and per them it’s pretty effective and affordable. I’m hoping to be get down around 50 cents per click and 50% of those that make it to the FB Group page click to request to join. Once there are 50-100 people inside, then I’ll likely continue to offer it to folks in my video funnel moving toward purchase/joining as a freebie and a way to taste and see, but without a core of 50-100 people, it seams like it would be harder to get those other folks to feel the value and comfortable to join even for free as there would be no social proof without any or many in the group. So, FB ads is a way to prime the pump so to speak, similar to running a “like” or “engagement” campaign on FB for a regular business page at 5-25 cents/like to prime the pump on it and make it look active.

    Ok, when I’m ready, I’ll post the invite link in this thread and look forward to seeing you in there Bob to just look around, although if you end up liking the group of course would love to have you stay and participate. Appreciate you honest feedback as you go through the process for sure! I’ll also share stats and up-dates as it grows and works or doesn’t work so well 😉


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    Great – thanks for the comprehensive reply! I have a much better understanding now. Yes, I’ll be waiting for your “launch”!

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    It seems that some niches may not be suitable for FB groups. I’m a little undecided.

    For example, if you had a prevent divorce support group for those on the brink of divorce, they are going to talk about their spouse’s bad habits and why they are on the way to divorce court.

    Even with a secret group, it seems that the spouse could get access perhaps through a shared computer or maybe they share passwords or something and when they read what’s being said about them things could get tons worse. Now, a forum on your site may be better in a case like this it seems to me.

    Likewise, if you had a suicidal group or depression group, I’d be afraid that there would be more encouraging others to end it or all or similar because everybody is suicidal.

    Or am I thinking about this the wrong way?


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    I really think that is the purpose and good use of the “Closed” and “Secret” FB groups. People that keep secrets are used to keeping them, and just need to learn to sign out of the group.

    I have a friend who is active in suicide prevention. She has helped start groups on FB for gay teenagers thinking of suicide, for moms of gay kids, and for other groups that would not communicate if they did not feel protected.

    As you probably already know, a “Closed” group can be found with a FB search, but requires permission to join. A “Secret” group will not show up in a search. I’m sure there are more private forums, but FB is where often a lot of the people are, so if non-FB, you need a way to market the group, or a way to be able to find one. Sean recommends getting to know people who are thought-leaders or major players in a niche, and finding out what private groups and forums they are active with. Sounds like it takes some sleuthing!


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