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    Quitting’s not going to help you.

    It’s probably pretty normal to get in over your head when you’re trying something new.

    After all, if it was THAT easy you probably would not be interested, would you?

    When you want to change lives . . . including your own . . . here’s the thing, your every little bit counts.

    Here’s my YouTube tip to lift you forward today:

    [url=]Do not give up instead make a difference as you are[/url]


    To your success . . . one tiny bit at a time.

    So long as you don’t ever give up on yourself.


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    Make a difference as you are … I LOVE that!


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    Thanks Beverly!

    Here’s the thing, each day, that’s who and what we’ve got to work with.


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    So, true, Cynthia. It is a saner way to live, too, if you just accept yourself for who you are and work with you.
    Blessings back,

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    Okay, Cynthia, I’m back to fight another day.


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    Bravo Carol!

    Times can be tough to figure out . . . and get you in over your head.

    Sometimes not giving up looks like taking a spectacular break for a bit.

    Being back, refreshed . . . some number of hours later.


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    Hello Cynthia,

    Very inspiring video. I hope that you’re feeling much better. I went over to you tube and posted a comment there.

    Thank you for the wonderful tip as usual!

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    Thank you Melissa!


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