How do people balance out their Creation time /Learning Time /Reflective time?

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    This is a question I have been pondering for a while , as I try to build up funnels , coaching and courses.
    I have recently been in a period of Creation in my business , which I enjoy and have found that I can be super productive when I am focused and in the zone , so to speak. However , I am aware that I also need to build in some Learning time to my schedule and Reflective time to think and reflect on what I have learned , in order to keep moving forward.

    I have found that I can watch a couple of Sean’s video’s or listen to an audio or two a week and then sit and make notes , or jot down ideas a couple of times a week , whilst trying to build the funnel for my coaching for the rest of my free time.

    My question is , How do other coaches balance out their time between these three pillars of their business?

    If you have any tips or ideas , feel free to post them here:


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    Hi Steve,

    Balance can be a real challenge. Some days there is time to schedule a session with each pillar. Other days, scheduling time here and there is out the window!

    I think striving to schedule in certain blocks of time that work for you could be one option. However, if you don’t make it, don’t stress. Instead, look at what you DID get done and then remember to also take some time for yourself to rest your brain. Everyone needs down time.

    Basically, what I’m saying is consider setting an appointment with yourself to produce, learn, reflect and work with clients. It would be similar to setting an appointment to wait for the cable repair person to fix your cable. You simple commit to making an appointment for that time. When the phone rings or something else, just stay focused on your commitment to the appointment.

    What do you think about that?

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    I agree with Beverly, balance can be tough!

    I find in our rapid pace and over scheduled environment that I have to make an effort, a priority, for each category where I want to spend time.

    So if I want an hour of reflective time – I have to set it aside, and put my devices in another room!

    and then there’s detox . . if you are used to constantly having devices or stimuli around, then just having it in the other room may not be enough – there’s still a nagging feeling to “check”

    and I find it takes me about 12 hours or so of not checking anything, to become really calm and able to be reflective or creative.


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    Beverley and Sean

    Thanks for your thoughts on this topic. I agree it is tough in today’s hectic paced environment to find time to reflect and try and be creative. I like Beverley’s idea to schedule in a hour or two to do these important tasks. As Sean suggests it is really important to step away from the phone or computer from time to time so that you have no distractions and just sit and think. 12 Hours is a really long time to detox and shows what kind of allure these gadgets have on our brains. I must admit , when I get up in the morning , my first thought is to reach for my phone. In my business idea , I want to help people to build up their resistance to this instinct or impulse , and build in willpower to try and get out and be active instead. I’m lucky in that my daughter is keen on sports , and we try and get out playing ball every day. I love this time as its a great reflective time for me especially as I love sports and I can try and theorize ways to motivate people to get out playing sports in their downtime.
    When it comes to my business I am going to start scheduling in some reflective time to sit and think going forward.

    Thanks again


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    I am learning in my own life to make sure I take time for my body’s health. I recently read a quote that said, “If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?” To me, this is a powerful thought.

    Steve, remember, that work will always be there but your daughter will only be young once. You talked about spending time with your daughter playing ball. I encourage you to keep playing ball with her for as long as she is available. she will only be young once. Soon, she will have her own life and off and running on a different path from you. What a wonderful opportunity to create happy memories with her by playing ball!


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