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    Nobody can know the answers to all things. I thought I would ask each of you to share your best (and most successful) tips you’ve used that easily attract new clients. Thanks everyone who shares their most successful stories for “pitching” your services.


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    Hi Beverly,
    The best source of leads I ever had was paid seminars sponsored by educational institutions.
    It had an 80% conversion from attendee to client.
    Thanks, hope that helps.

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    Thanks for sharing your success. Would you please elaborate on that a bit? Many group members might find it helpful to know the specifics of what happened. Did the educational institutions seek you out or did you seek them out? If you sought them out, how did you make the connection that brought you such a wonderful result?

    Please be specific as if you are talking to newbies. After all, nobody does things the same way as everyone else. So, I personally, would really be interested on the specifics of the scenario.

    Thanks in advance for more details,

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      Hi Beverly,
      My niche at the time was personal finance.
      I bought 2 franchises of a 10and1/2 hours of paid instruction. The fee was split with the educational I situation, and my half covered materials. So the leads were free.
      I started out by contacting the adult Ed Dept. of my upstate NY area. From there I branched into the local community college, then a prestigious private college.
      I partnered with 7 other financial planners to both recoup 100% of my investment and cover the leads.
      This was before webinars.
      I left the group when I became disabled and needed a liver transplant.

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    WOW! Paul you sound like you are an energetic dynamo. Sorry to hear about your liver transplant. However, glad that you are here with us.

    Thanks for sharing your success story!


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    Hi Beverly,

    I attracted new clients by doing regular presentations for local business groups, multi-speaker events, community centers and libraries (they are always looking for speakers).

    Then I got tired and started doing everything online. It’s easier for me but I’m not as well known any more. It’s much easier to be a big fish in a small pond.


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      Thanks, Carol.
      You’ve reminded me of the ways I should be pursuing to get my message out. My old way couldn’t be scaled down to fit my new position in life.

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      Thanks for sharing your experience. You bring up a good point. When doing regular public presentations before niche group members you do create a following. Public speaking is still the number one fear among people. However, with training, you can develop a calm mindset for public speakers.

      Speaking publicly about your solutions and experiences is a great way to network and find customers. I’ve done a lot of public presentations at hypnosis conferences and conventions, and have done television and radio spots. These are great ways to pitch your business solutions to others. I challenge everyone in the group to consider doing public presentations. If you feel nervous before a group, you can get the help of a professional hypnotherapist (such as myself.)

      Another thing you can do is to host your own radio or podcast show. Finally, you can be a columnist in a professional organization that helps your niche. Being a columnist or show host puts you in the influencer spot. You can do a lot being a niche influencer!

      Again, thanks for sharing Carol and Paul.


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    Hi Beverly,
    Thanks again for your feedback.
    You reminded me that years ago I hosted a radio show. (I only did it for about six months, 1 hour weekly)
    I wasn’t successful in creating a following, and it cost $$$ for airtime.
    But that was before I had any of the current internet based ways of encouraging an audience to tune in.
    Maybe a good idea once I get my ducks in a row.

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    Hi Paul,

    Sometimes it takes a couple tries before you successfully achieve a goal. Think about bicycle riding. You typically get on the bicycle, feel scared, go a little distance, fall down and then come to a decision time. Are you going to get back on and press through the challenge or stop? Mostly, we get back on the bike using the previous experience and keep adding knowledge. Maybe that’s where you are right now?

    If you invested a lot of money with no/few followers as a result, what might you do differently to get a different result?

    Maybe you could interview influencers in your niche this time.

    Perhaps you could get some corporate sponsors that supplement rather than compete in this niche.

    Consider doing a different format and add a contest this time that included donating something to a community charity.

    The different possibilities are unlimited!

    Just something to think about…

    Let us know of your progress.


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    Beverly, you have made a very valuable contribution here.

    – regular public presentations
    – speaking publicly about our solutions and experiences
    – television and radio spots
    – hosting our own radio or podcast show.

    Much food for thought – thank you very much for sharing.

    with all good wishes
    Robert Mason
    Free Spirits Coach

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      Thanks, Robert. Glad you feel inspired/motivated/spurred to think about things. If you want to discuss this more, ask us questions so we can help you with more input. That’s what we are here for!


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    Great discussion. When I was successful, I’d been attending a lot of live events. Met many folks in ways that opened the door to following up.


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      Thanks for sharing, Cynthia. Basically, you are all saying about the same important concept. You’ve got to reach out to others and let people know what you have to offer. Getting out of your comfort zone can sometimes seem nerve racking. However, if you are not for you, WHO will be for you?


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    Beverly I think I need to print this out and hang it somewhere: if you are not for you, WHO will be for you?

    Thank you,

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    If you decide to make it into a cross stitch and hang it on your wall, please take a picture of it for me! LOL, just kidding. It is a simple saying but so true. Fear really can hold a person back, can’t it? Being a solopreneur can challenge us. That’s why it is so important to keep going on your path instead of falsely believing you just cannot succeed!

    Go Carol! I believe in you! But more importantly, will YOU believe in you?


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    Thank you Beverly, I love what you said! And no, I do not cross stitch so you won’t see that.


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    Got it. No cross stitch! LOL

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