How to be Confident Learning from rich people as you Build Your Business

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    Here’s the thing, when you’re building your business you are creating financial wealth.

    Your business is something you own.

    Like many things you own, it may start out with little to no financial value, grow a little bit each day, and then through the power of compounding, become perhaps a bit more valuable than you’d imagined.

    Your business is an asset that you can pour more value into using your time, talent and treasure.

    Indeed, as you build your business you will find it is a portfolio that grows with each person you help.

    Because the value of your business is related to the folks who benefit.

    There’s a lot to your business!

    So I’d like to point you in the direction of a post I just wrote in a question, “What can poor people learn from rich people?

    I encourage you to click through so that as you build your business you also live the life of your dreams.

    The post is over on Quora . . . here’s the link:

    how to be confident


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