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    When you pay attention to details, you can find one detail that works right now.

    Sometimes that requires that you allow yourself a bit of silliness that opens you up!

    Here’s a link to my quick YouTube tip to help you be infectious for yourself:

    [url=]How to Reignite Your Creative Spark[/url]

    Or you can watch it here:


    To reigniting the spark of your creativity to get back to work!


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    When we were young, being innocent and playful was so simple. As we “matured” or rather were conditioned by others to think “all grown up,” I think we forget to be childlike and playful. I know there is more to life than just working, but sometimes I forget that.

    I love this reminder of doing something totally impractical for a minute. It gives you a mental vacation from working. It kind of momentarily breaks up the monotony of being an adult and working all the time.

    What a great stress releaser. Being impractical and silly for a few moments is a “take 5” way of doing something different to refresh your mind!

    Thanks, Cynthia. I think that did reignite my creative spark.


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