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    As always I take on too much. Too many projects. Too many ideas. Too many things I try to do in too short a time. That’s one of the things I’ve been working on for myself this year. Paring down what I am doing to only what I HAVE to do for work and home while devoting time to building out products and a business.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one, so what does everyone else do to stay focused?

    Right now, I’m only working on one small project at a time, and I’m scheduling the pieces to be done. Of course the key os to keep the schedule. 🙂

    What about everyone else?

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    I am in the same boat. Too many ideas.

    I am also doing the same thing. Pairing down. Getting hyper-focused on one project and taking it to launch and nothing else.

    I can feel embarrassed of the excuses (dressed up as reasons) that I haven’t successfully launched and instead I can just launch.

    I am totally putting myself out there like you are for accountability.


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