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    Shawn Miller

    I have been guilty of listening to the wrong people out there. 100+ domain names = a lot of headaches. I do have a couple of domain names that are in use. They are in use because there is business on them. I can’t get rid of these being that there are paying customers on them but, I am wanting to focus now and only use 1 domain name for what I’m doing now. My question is really – should I build my coaching business on my name or a site that has the word coach in it?


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    Hi Shawn, I’m certainly no expert, but I think you need to ask yourself whether you some day might want to sell the business or if you are building yourself as the brand?

    If you want to build something up and maybe eventually sell, you would want a domain that doesn’t have your name in it.

    You could also have your name as a domain that you forward to the site as well. If you were to get famous one day, you wouldn’t want someone else to have already purchased your domain name and have to buy it from them.

    Just some things to think about as you decide.

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    Bruce Hoag

    If you’re only talking about two domain names, I’d keep them both. I have three, two of which I don’t really use, but I’ve had them for quite awhile.

    You never know when they might come in handy.

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    Shawn Miller

    I would like to say thank you, Carol and Bruce. I do appreciate these answers.

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    The benefit of having it on your name and not the word coach is that it leaves room in the future for evolution in your business. Perhaps the word “coach” fits more now than it will.

    If you want to sell the business someday, then I wouldn’t use your name or the word “coach” but an actual business name.

    But if you feel pretty confident that coach will be the word that you will be most closely identify with in the next ten years, then go for it!

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    Jan Verhoeff

    Are you branding yourself or your business? If the brand is you, use your name. If the brand is your business, brand the business, but be sure your name is a direct link to the business – because of course some people will direct link to you.

    God bless you as you build your business online!

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    Robert Thibodeau

    I can relate. I have had almost 80 domain names over the years. It does get expensive. I’ve had the radio stations, different podcasts, tried different businesses, the ministry, etc.

    I’m going through now and purging them. Many (MANY) of them have never been used. So I’m just letting them expire (I listed them “for sale” on GoDaddy, but no takers whatsoever.

    I am branding this business around my name. I’ve got the speaker business as and it is devoted entirely to that aspect of the business brand. The is now focused on building the coaching brand.

    I just recently purchased a domain name…I’ll tell you what it is in a minute. The background behind it was this. I was on group coaching call and one of the participants, as we were discussing my “Podcast Training Program” said, “You are like a Podcasting Yoda…” That name just “resonated” with me.

    While still on the call, I went to GoDaddy and “” was available. So I will be setting up a redirect with and have it land at my “Podcast Training” link on my website.

    I think that is such a catchy name and that I can brand that.

    Your PODCAST YODA – Bob Thibodeau

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    Joe Bradley

    Shawn, I likewise have had too many domain names (200 plus) and I have been gradually purging them over the years. I did sell a couple of them for about $1000 each so that offset the cost a bit. Although they have been advertised on many sites, I believe it was only by chance that they were found, and not through having them listed. Has anyone had success listing and selling domain names?

    With regard to your original query, I think everything has now been said. It will be more difficult to sell on your business if it includes your name. However having a blog in your own name that leads people to the business can be very effective.

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    Rick Allen

    Guilty! I have 15 or so domains. Here’s the logic, although most are ready to go on the selling block.

    Many of these are old and redirected to other domains. At one time most of the gurus were recommending have specific names for SEO purposes and at one time that was a factor, not so much today. I do things in different areas so want to keep them separated.

    So, I have a separate domain for hypnosis stage shows, hypnosis therapy work, metaphysical work etc. I then had RickAllenInfo when I got my doctorate I want that represented so DrRickAllen was born. I have to keep my marketing separate so have a couple of names for that and so it goes. A couple weeks ago I got DrRickCoaching that seems to fit best for this coaching work.

    I personally like easy to remember names, a lot easier to mention when doing an interview than, wouldn’t you agree? dots, underlines slashes are killers in domain names. Dr_Rick-Allen/coaching is way to complicated if the name you need is taken search for a second best.

    I can and likely will cut down to about 5 names as they expire, I already have some for sale and will not auto-renew and as I grow will drop those down as well.

    Again Sean talks about this somewhere but I know not where that you only need about 3 words in the domain name, he suggested your name and niche, thus was available so I grabbed it, easy-pezzy.

    There are a zillion directs today but I still like .com, most people I think are ingrained to type in .com rather than other directs such as .net, .info and the like. But that’s just me.

    An easy name also makes referrals easy for people to give others, “Where can I check domain names? Go to is the general response”, or “I need a website, check out’ the friend says. “I’m thinking of getting a coach… check out” will become the response… see what I mean?

    I love being able to share this trivial info I’ve picked up over the years and been carrying around in my brain, so love seeing questions that need answers.

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