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    Have you ever wondered how you could:

    • Beat procrastination
    • Keep more of your clients and make more money
    • Use technology to share your expertise

    What if you could have an expert in each of these fields who could show you how they’ve solved these challenges for themselves, and how you can, too?

    What would that be worth to you? Would it be worth it to set aside some time to listen to these experts as they share the ins and outs of how you can overcome these challenges?

    You’re in luck, because between May 6 and May 8, EIGHT powerful speakers will be sharing their deepest insights on topics including:

    • Beating Procrastination
    • Retaining More Clients and Creating More Cash Flow
    • Transforming Your Life Calling or Mission Into a Coaching Business
    • Using Technology to Share Your Expertise
    • Having Difficult Conversations With Loved Ones

    There’s no travel included (so you can save on hotel and plane fare, and even watch the interviews in your pajamas if you like).

    In addition, you’re getting a truckload of bonuses just for signing up for the summit!

    How do you get in on all this goodness? Simply sign up here:

    See you on Day 1!

    Dr. Tranquille is a Business and Life Success Coach. She helps entrepreneurs, coaches, small business owners and professionals to take action and achieve their business, professional and personal goals, by applying the right success principles. Get your Starter Success Bundle here:

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