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    Hi Everyone,

    Got a technical question for you.

    How do you superimpose a thumbnail for another video onto the one that’s playing?

    If the question doesn’t make sense, then it’s because it’s difficult to explain. But here’s what the “best” YouTubers do. Towards the end of their videos, the active thumbnails of other videos show up on the presentation that is playing.

    I want to know how that’s done.

    Over to you.


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    Create a playlist, then put each of your videos in that playlist.

    Then each video that’s in the playlist, will play in turn (and I believe they show up on that thumbnail shot)


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      Hi Sean,

      I intend to create playlists when I have more videos. Right now, the topics seem to be disparate enough to remain on their own.

      I’m working with someone right now to have a standard thumbnail designed for each one. That should make the channel look a lot more professional.


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