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Here's what a few of my clients say about me:


Sean Mize has been an absolute blessing to my online business. With his help, I was able to
focus in and discover what people were asking for my help with. In just six short months, I was
able to launch my podcast training program. With Sean’s help, I went from just over 300 followers
to almost 1,100 followers. For the first time in several attempts, I am making a profit through my
online coaching programs. My schedule is booked out almost 3 weeks in advance just for interviews!
You will benefit greatly by teaming up with Sean Mize. His years of experience in the online world
will save you time and frustration from the dreaded “trial and error” method (that I tried to start with
for several years). With his help, you will find yourself farther along (and a lot faster) than you could
ever imagine.

- Robert Thibodeau


Prior to following Sean's coaching and trainings, I was a bit lost, and unable to solve some contractions I had.

For instance : I did not know how to rest aligned with my moral principles, and sell. It was like selling was something devilish.

It was not that conscious, but there were some forces in myself that were pulling me from taking action.

Sean really helped make me to find more determination and energy.

He also simplified my vision of what needed to be done. (and rather have something imperfect in place than nothing at all.)

I followed many mentors, but of them all, Sean is the one I am the most grateful to, for how much he changed my life.

Of them all, He is the one I currently spend 75% of my learning time.

I bought many of his trainings and coaching, and always was astonished how much value he was able to transfer.

His knowledge is broad, yet unique. He is a giving person, and never tries to keep anything for himself.

He is genuinely concerned by his student's success.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet his guidance, and develop my offer under it, while making sense with the purpose of my life at the same time.

He is a concentrate of example, wisdom, knowledge, good advice, listening deep... a SuperHelper would I say.

Now my life is on tracks, I know exactly what I have to do, and my productivity has doubled, while I feel so free at the same time.

I could go on and on, but here is the final word : Sean Mize? Recommended!!!

Jean-David Roth


Sean Mize is truly a coach's coach! Offline, I'm a certified financial coach and trainer who has been able to apply his coaching approach to my business. Being a member of Sean's Mastermind and coaching training program has equipped me to completely transition to a virtual online format. I believe this has been one of the best things that have helped transform the way I work with my clients!

Looking forward to your new program you're releasing.

Stay encouraged Coach! You are a blessing to my life!

- Devin Stubblefield


Before working steadily with Sean, I went from training to training, program-to-program, and product to product, working through portions of many, but never quite finishing any of them.  I was buying products on JV Zoo and Warrior Plus on a weekly basis, including products from Sean. Once I went through a couple of his programs, I started to see the beauty in his simple approach and started cutting out many of the other voices to which I had been listening. Last year, I joined one of his mastermind groups.

Since then, Sean has  continually pushed and inspired me to keep removing the distractions - the plethora of "bright-shiny objects" in the online marketing world - and simplify, simplify, simplify. He keeps the model simple and straightforward. For me, his approach and support have been exactly what I've needed, like the use of blinders on a horse. He pushes his clients when he sees he needs to, pulls us when we need him to, whispers, shouts (metaphorically!), and grabs our attention off of the distractions. He has kept me moving forward in a straight line toward my goal of launching and growing a coaching arm of my music-lessons business. I launched that arm of my business last month and have enrolled three paying clients.

- Natalie

About Sean Mize

I help ordinary people start an easy coaching membership so that they can share their life legacy, valuable experience, and favorite skills and get paid for it.

I do this so I can have the lifestyle I want. Do You have the lifestyle you want? If not it is time to take action NOW!

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