Godly Guidance Initial Access Page

Welcome to the Brand New Godly Guidance Business Membership!

I’m totally excited about this, and I’m guessing you are too!

Our first live training will be Thursday Oct 18th at 12:30 PM ET, here is the live access link:

Godly Guidance First Live Training Oct 18th, 12:30 PM ET

Now, I really want to know what led you to join this . . .

and I have a few more questions for you

Would you be willing to shoot me an email and answer the following 3 questions:

  1. What was the #1 reason you decided to try this out?
  2. What are the top 2-3 things that you want to get out of this in the first month or 2?
  3. What are 2 additional topics you want me to teach on in the first few months?

Thanks so much for answering these, since this is brand new, there’s just so much flexibility for you helping me make this exactly what will help you the most, so please feel free to share any suggestions!

Now, for the bonus material, this is powerful training (this is NOT the spiritual training that will be delivered live):

17 Entrepreneurial Factors (listen to one per day for best results)

80-20 Time Management (these can change your day!)