Help Me Feed Hundreds of Children in Africa

You may have heard me share about Lester before . . .

but I think I’ll share much more today

Lester runs a school in one of the poorest countries in the world, where he has a staff of teachers who teach about 350 children and he feeds them and I think about another 100 children who are less fortunate and are hungry.

He does all this for about $500 a month, including like 7 teachers and food and supplies.

I don’t know how. I can’t feed myself for $500 a month, let alone hire 7 teachers and feed 100 children.

Why am I sharing this?

Background: I’ve been helping Lester for several years, but I haven’t wanted to talk about it, cause I’m selfish and I don’t want to “lose my reward”

I really wanted to embrace the idea of not telling anyone how I was helping in the Kingdom.

But I’m willing to lose it all to implore you and other clients to help me help those children.

Here’s a picture of Lester’s feeding line:

That breaks my heart.

Can you imagine eating like that?

I’ve been hungry before, but that would have been tough.

I can’t imagine.

Here’s another picture I want to share:

that’s a picture of one of the classes . . .

Now perhaps you get an idea of why this is a passion of mine . .

I can’t take my dog to Liberia, so I don’t see this firsthand.

You probably can’t go either.

but would you join me in helping Lester raise the money to feed these kids for one more quarter . . .

I genuinely believe this money goes to good use, I’ve been communicating with Lester for 3,4 years or more and have seen dozens and dozens of pictures . . .

If you’ll join me in making a $50 or whatever you can donation to help feed these children, it would warm my heart (and you’ll sleep better knowing a few more hungry children are eating for 3 more months)

Help by donating $50 to feed children in Liberia, Africa

Thanks for helping!