Help me finish building this school in Africa

(the needs aren’t updated, the walls are finished, I think most if not all of the roof is finished, I’ll try to add some more pictures of the roof soon)

You may have heard me tell you about Lester and the school he has created in Liberia, Africa, where he teaches local children, and also has a feeding program both for the students and for orphans in the area . . .


There are 357 children who go to the school, and 157 of them are underprivileged, poor, or orphans, and he feeds about 25-35 kids a day  (and I think some of the schoolchildren as well, depending on what their parents’ can afford as well)

If you’ve helped me and Lester feed these children, thank you!

Now, there’s a need that comes up once a year . . .

In Liberia, I guess it’s different than it is here . . .

Up until about a year ago, Lester has been renting land, for the school, but the owners of the land kicked the school out  . . .

Over the past year, we’ve been building a new school building on new land which several of my clients (perhaps you) helped purchase, and over the last few months, they’ve been scraping together funds to lay the foundation.


Here are some pictures of the foundation work earlier this year:



But work had been stalled (kind of like in Nehemiah’s time, the work on the wall was stalled) because he ran out of money.

So . . . .I am calling all of you, together with me, to help finish this new building in the next 30 days so that when school starts in September, the children will have a place and they can continue to feed the orphans as well.

Now, the good news is, out dollar goes ALOT further in Liberia, Africa, than it does here . . .

I sent Lester $100 a few days ago, and this is how many bricks he was able to buy:

Now I don’t know about where you live, but that would be a lot more than $100 bucks where I live!!!

So it’s good our dollar goes further . .

Anyhow, here’s more pictures of the building progress:


The bottom line is this, he and his team are working hard.

They have their sweat and blood and hard work . . but they don’t have money to buy more bricks and concrete.

So . . . would you join  me in donating enough today, our own Independence Day, so that these children will have a school in September?

If you can ask the Lord for an amount He would lead you to give today, it would be amazing!

Now, before the $300 I sent and some of you helped with, for the last batch of bricks and concrete, this is what was needed

1. Foundation bricks needed  now to get it completed is 750 pieces 

2. Bricks for the walls is  1500 pieces my estimate needed now: 1200 bricks
3. Cement for foundation completion is 30 bags 
4. Cement for Wall completion is 150 bags my estimate needed now: 120 bags
Now, in Liberia, bricks are 35 cents each, and bags of concrete are $7.50 each . . .
so my calculations are – with their labor donated – for $420 we can get them the bricks and for $900 the concrete
to finish the walls on the building . .
So for about $1320 American Independence Day dollars – we can have the walls completed (and I’ll send you more pictures as the walls go up so you can see your money at work)
So . . here’s my plea – will you help me fund this 100% TODAY Independence Day?
Ask the Lord how much He would have you donate.
Now, I know that some of you send money directly to Lester using Western Union , so feel free to do that.
But if you don’t already use WU, note this: it’s a pain to get started, the ID requirements are invasive . . .
so we have set up a paypal arrangement (Annette who has personally been to Liberia and the old school) to collect all the money and make one payment directly to them, if just donate here, this would be awesome:

(momcowgirl is the name we’ve set up for the donation account):

Join me and let’s fully fund the walls on the new school in Liberia to help teach 357 children and feed 35 poor or orphans

(just type in “for Lester’s building” in the notes section)

Thank you so much for being a part of this great ministry . . .

These are the kinds of things that we, as internet marketers, can do around the world, because of how God blesses us . .

Whatever the Lord has just placed on your heart, you can donate it here with this paypal link (momcowgirl is the name we’ve set up for the donation account):

Join me and and let’s finish the walls on the school in Liberia to help teach 357 children and feed 25 – 35 poor or orphans




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