High Ticket Business Model Resale Rights

Congratulations on Choosing the Ready Made High Ticket Business!

I recommend you begin studying some of the content, so you can start your own training . . .but in the meantime, add this training to a members’ area – and you can start selling access . . then add your own calls!

Here are the trainings:

6 Week Membership Training Class (you can easily re-teach this live)

Legacy Business Builder (you can easily re-teach this as well, or use these tracks in your program)

Coach Traffic Training

Signature Coaching Training Program

You can pretty much do anything you want with these, but these are the specific rights:

–> You get unlimited repurpose rights, edit them anyhow you want, once editted you can put your name on it

–> You can resell them as many times as you want

–> You can use them as a giveaway for your squeeze pages

–> You can include them in your memberships and coaching programs

Friend, you can use the training in this program to launch your own program, to learn and re-teach –

the market is HUGE for these higher priced topics . . . and frankly, I believe fewer folks are teaching because they think it’s harder to break in . . .

It’s harder for someone who doesn’t know what to teach – but if you’ll study what’s in here – you will KNOW what to teach!

Sean Mize