High Ticket Relationship Funnel Early Access


Over the course of the next few weeks, I am rolling out a $2000 High Ticket Relationship Funnel and of course you’ve enrolled in early access to watch me create each component . .

As I create each component, write each email, craft each video, I will send you that work so that you can study it.

Then as I create the training itself for the package, I will send that to you as well, that will likely be sent out mostly as part of the actual $2000 package, not as the early access (but you get EVERYTHING)

I will likely begin to create the first parts on Monday . . .

In the meantime, if you haven’t studied my Integrated Conversion Campaign . . .

Listen to the first 3 tracks on this page, this will give you DEEP insight into the psychology behind the
basic steps of what we are going to do (and I will be going much, much deeper in the actual training on the psychology of building to a $2000 sale)


Integrated Conversion Campaign