high ticket sales funnel site structure

$1000 $3000 $300 – $500


First: Watch a Training (Recorded Webinar) –> This first webinar: to be the FRAMING event

MY case: that framing is: coaching, consulting, or evergreen

$1000 – $2000


Front and Center on the Web Site (Front Page) Webinar/Framing Event


Supporting elements:

$3000 high ticket work with me

About me . . . tells my story in a way that frames – builds frame related to webinar/framing event

Products page –>

3-5 Supporting Products that maintain frame but at varying prices


Front Page: With a Webinar –> $1000 offer (framing event)

Link to a product page with $300 – $500 products

Link to a coaching page with $3000 – $5000

Possibly – articles, blog posts, videos, etc that build additional credibility