How A High Ticket Selling Campaign is Structured

As I didn’t think we’d be back in town yesterday (we rolled in at 11 PM), I cancelled today’s calls . . .

but I’m here, so I’ve decided to do an all-hands coaching call (multiple classes on the one call, for time’s sake today)

The live call is over, but here is a recording of the teaching (this is a MUST WATCH):

How a High Ticket Selling Campaign Is Structured


and this is going to be unique . . I’m going to give you a “state of the union” in my own business – you’ll get some deep insights, a look into some new things I’m working on because the market is changing, and you’ll get great insight you can put into your own business . .

And then I am going to teach you how to structure a high ticket campaign – the essential elements for a campaign that takes someone from a cold lead to trusting and believing you enough to invest $500 – $2000 within 10 days –

This is also deep, you’ll see things that are back door for most marketers . . .

How a High Ticket Selling Campaign Is Structured

This can change things for you!



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