How to Get Consistency Into Your Daily Work Schedule

I wrote a forum reply on my Community Site, PreneurPal, and thought I’d repost it here:


The background is, someone asked about how to get consistent with a daily email and daily blog post . . .


I replied:


It’s kind of like your morning routine at home.

Get up,

Start coffeepot

go to the bathroom

get a cup of coffee

read the depressing news

greet the family

take a shower

brush your teeth


notice you do each everyday, no matter what, and you never miss your coffee, brushing your teeth etc.

It’s because it’s habit.

Make a habit of your daily online work.

Just like I did this morning.

You can even use preneurpal to start your morning work, and use it to break old patterns:

It sets off a new pattern.

Instead of news, social medial, email, then whatever else till you are stuck in an old routine –

what if your first hour looked like this:

go to preneurpal

answer 5 questions

use those questions to get ideas to write your blog post

write your blog post

share it on preneurpal (there will be a place for that soon, but for now, share it in this forum)

record your blog post as an audio

post it somewhere online (any ideas??)

send an email to your list with your blog post and the audio

by now, you might have a question to ask here.

Ask it.

Then the next thing to do is to do ONE BIG THING in your business for the day.

Write a sales page.

Record an hour training.

Promote your squeeze page.


Do your big thing.

Notice there’s no social media, email, or anything else in here that’s not pure business.

So . . AFTER your new morning routine


you THEN can play in social media, email, etc

How does this sound for productivity?



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How to Get Consistency Into Your Daily Work Schedule