How to Get Unlimited Viral Traffic From Facebook

I was thinking this morning, so many folks are missing out on powerful traffic

because they just don’t know it’s there, or how to tap into it . . .so I thought I’d

write an article about it today . . I hope this is helpful to you!


You see, coaching traffic is slightly different than “freebie” traffic or even “buyer traffic”

and the reason is that folks who need coaching are folks who are fed up with

buying ebooks or books or boxes of CDs to figure out their challenges . . they realize

they need to work with a PERSON (YOU) in order to change their lives.


So it’s important to position as being an expert (yes, I know that’s scary when you

don’t think of yourself as an expert yet) – but the way you show others that you

can help them is to be knowledgable and show it by writing content that’s

teaches them powerful things about your topic.


It really is that easy . . when you create content – print, or audio or video – that

teaches something they don’t know, they immediately assume you are smart

and know more than they do (and then assume you know more than other experts

who are creating cookie cutter content instead of great content.

I hope that makes sense, because it’s the CRUX of building trust and for

people believing they want to work with YOU.

You see, once they want to work with YOU the rest is easy!

so here’s how to specifically do it on facebook:


1) You MUST create great content for facebook. NOT cookie cutter, NOT silly

little posts about nonsensical things that seems cute or funny.

BE the expert.


2) In order for your content to SHARE – you MUST build a starter list of

people who follow you sheep with a shepherd.

Seriously, it’s about trust and loyalty.

And if they trust you and are loyal, and you create GREAT content – they WILL share your content.

To build that starter list, HUNT for people – individual, human people – who need what

you teach, and GIVE them their answer.


GIVE them a free book, GIVE them a free 20 minute consult, GIVE them a free template.

You see, when you GIVE something valuable, they now trust you, they now follow

you (really follow you, not just some follow click)


And when they truly trust and follow you . .

and then you do a facebook livestream to teach something powerful . . they share it.

They share it before, during, and after your call.

You can then do boosted posts (but don’t do a boosted post if you aren’t already getting

loyal people sharing – because it won’t work.)


3) You must be relentless about building the following and I can’t stress it enough – creating

GREAT content that makes them WANT to follow YOU over any one else.

Here’s a question for you:


1) Are you creating GREAT content that people will DROOL to share?

2) Do you WANT to create a STRONG facebook presence that goes viral?

I sure hope this article has been helpful to you!