I’m going to teach you an easy method of working on your big idea and your outline.

What I’m going to teach you today will theoretically be




Meaning ….The THING THAT YOU TEACH in your consulting business.


You see, this outline of your big idea  will serve as the core material around which you create …


  • Your squeeze page,
  • your sales page,
  • your sales webinar, if there is one
  • your sales conversation, if there is one,
  • your intro material,
  • your core material,
  • your advanced material,


You see there should be a thread running through your consulting business that says, this is what I teach, this is what I teach.   And then, everything that you say, that pertains to “this is what I teach”,       should all fit inside of that big idea and outline, with minor exceptions.


I’m going to give those minor exceptions to you before we do the outline.


One minor exception would be …


  • If you have a big idea in and outline …
  • but people aren’t looking for your solution
  • but they are looking for an answer to a different problem
  • that they don’t know that you have the solution.


Then you might market in areas

where they’re looking for the solution,

but you will quickly tell them that

they are looking in the wrong place and

that you have the right solution.


As a result,

you move them from where they’re hanging out to you and

get them involved in your outline and

no longer are they an outlier or

no longer are they a minor exception.


The other minor exception- this shouldn’t even be permissible, but I do it …


  • It’s when you get a bright idea
  • for an auxiliary idea,
  • that might be a cross selling concept
  • for whatever it is that you teach and
  • you think, I’m going to make a little extra class and
  • I’m going to tack it on as a bonus.


Now that’s a minor exception. We probably shouldn’t do it as much as we do. We’d probably be better off recommending someone go hire an expert or go learn from an expert for that little topic, but we’re all tempted to do it, so I’ll call that a minor exception as well.


But what I’m getting at is this idea that …


when you have a big idea and

you have an outline,

that outline

becomes the outline

for your entire business.


So, we’re going to create the outline first from …

  • An instructional perspective,
  • From an example perspective, and

Then I’m going to go back to this idea of

  • This is your outline for everything.


So the first thing that we’re going to do, is to codify and outline your consulting system (you can see the outline in this image)



I just have four numbers here, but we could certainly have,


Five …

This could be six …

This could be 10 or 12 …

In theory

It could be a hundred!


However, if I were working with you personally and having a personal discussion of this, then I would say to you …


if you have a hundred ideas, can these be squeezed into 10 components and then have sub ideas?


The concept here is that in your consulting business,

you make a promise, you make an implied promise or you make a spoken promise or you make an implicit promise or you make a dedicated promise


That if you’ll work with me, I will get you to AN END RESULT.


The reason I want to make a big deal about this, YOUR END RESULT, is that so many times coaches and consultants, focus on their system.


For example, “I am the King of the three point this” …

And “I am the queen of the seven point this” …


Think about this.


  • All roads must point to your END RESULT.


  • The key is getting your client to AN END RESULT.


Examples of END RESULT:


If you have a fitness client, what’s the END RESULT?

  • 20 pounds weight loss is an END RESULT.
  • A healthy heart rate,  if there’s a heart disease, is an END RESULT


And if you’re consulting your client on how to go virtual in their fitness business,


How to go virtual in their fitness business, is The END RESULT

And might include things like …


  • Zoom,
  • a digital white board,
  • a camera, and
  • maybe instructions,
  • a speaking voice,
    • do 20 push ups and then stand up and
    • do 20 good mornings and then
    • do 20 squats and then
    • take a break etc.


But notice, this is THE END RESULT …


… 20 pounds is THE END RESULT.

… The heart rate IS THE END RESULT

… virtual in their fitness business, IT’S THE END RESULT.



So you, whatever your end result is, you’ll write on your worksheet.




I will create an example of outlining these steps for you, so that you will realize in your own business that you can do your own example.

Here’s our example of the end result being …


20 pounds of weight loss


You are “codifying” the steps of what you might do if this were your business and this is the end result you want delivered.


Just like the steps in this image:


I want you to think about this as a seven step system.


So this might be a seven step system for the end result of 20 pounds of weight loss.

I want you to think about this.



So if you’re a fitness coach, these are the seven steps in this imaginary program.

And whether you take people through

  • a seven-page eBook,
  • you take people through a seven video,
  • one day training,
  • a seven-day program,
  • a seven-week program, or
  • a seven-year program.

This is your core outline.


So you’ll have step, A, B, C etc.

How do you come up with this game plan?  (Just like this image shows)

You see, each one of these would have the sub steps, the a, b, c, etc.


So this is the process of codifying and outlining.


Now, we’ll do the exact same thing for …


“Virtual In Their Fitness Business”.


And so what are the steps? ( see the image)

Next, I am going to list out the 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 steps that a client should use in your business to get your desired end result.


Once you know what these 12 steps are these 12 steps are the 12 steps for your, let’s say, your $5,000 consulting program.


If you have a $97 one day class, these are the 12 steps.


If you have a $1,200 downloadable training program, these are the 12 steps.


If you write a book, these are the 12 steps.


This might be 12 months, one month on each one.


In the $5000 consulting program, this might be 12 – 30 minute sessions


This might be 12 modules in your $1,200 downloadable training program.


And if you write a book, this might be 12 chapters and maybe you’d have an intro chapter and an exit chapter. So you have a 14 chapter book.


They all lead to the end result.


Now you want to break your steps down into sub steps if necessary.


Let me show you a real example and let’s say that you are:


  1. Coaching a client to create their VIRTUAL FITNESS BUSINESS


What would you need?

a) Evaluate Pros and Cons

b) A Trial Subscription

c) Educate on How …

d) 10 Point Checklist


  1. Then we need a website.

What do we need to do?

a) Choose platform like WordPress Square, Wix, Kajabi, Katra, Groove

b) Learn how to use platform, teach to use the platform

c) Create front page

d) Create features page

e) Create benefits.

Payment methods, same thing etc…


Guidance on managing 50 people in a class

Long-time member acquisition for online membership


Take a look at this image for more clarification on this amazing process so far!

I hope that something is connecting inside of you.

You’ll do this for your business line by line, by line, by line.

But, let’s continue with this example …


As you can see in following image, the next things on the list to be filled out are …


Payment methods


Guiding people on managing 50 people at a time

Long term member acquisition for their online membership.


Take a look at this image and you will see how I filled in this entire process …


Now, what I have talked about and shown you in the images, is an example and I hope that even if you aren’t going to virtualize a fitness business, your brain is going overboard because you’re saying …


Wow!  I could virtualize any other kind of business!


Could I virtualize an event business?

Could I virtualize a plumbing training business?

Could I virtualize a cell phone repair business?

Could I virtualize a learning how to take the right supplements business?

Could I virtualize what, what else?

What all could you virtualize?