How to respond to a request for an Non Disclosure Agreement

I’m not going to go into great detail on the “why” of why you shouldn’t sign an NDA (or non-disclosure agreement) – you can talk with an attorney about it.

But I think you’ll gain tons of insight into it if I share with you what I did once:

First, give a reason for why it’s not important that you do whatever it is that the person wants you to sign the NDA to do, for example in my case, they wanted me to sign an NDA before I could here an offer they wanted to make to me, so I wrote this:

I don’t need the money, now or at any time – this isn’t about the money.

It’s about a few properties that – other than the wso account – I don;t really make anything off of, nor am I currently actively using (although after having similar types of discussions with several others, am considering just using these properties to generate leads –

so would be open to the right offer

but am not anxious or anything like that –

Then I explain why I don’t sign NDAs:

anyhow, having said that, I don’t sign NDAs because I have many many ideas, most of which of course I never implement (I probably have 10 ideas a month, so 120 a year, and implement, what?- 3?

and I have dozens of clients who share with me their ideas

so I have perhaps 500 ideas a year, most of which I never do anything with

and out of 500 ideas, some probably overlap with yours or other peoples

and to sign an NDA when I don’t know what ideas of mine I can no longer use . . .

I just can’t do it.

So I totally understand if you can’t share an idea with me w/o an NDA.

I get it

not sure what your business model is – I’m used to helping folks build their business bigger, not being asked to keep secrets!!!!

I hope you understand, and it doesn’t fracture whatever respect you have for what I teach