How to Start Your Own Show Online

This training will give you guidance and inspiration to propel you to start your own show online. It will be platform-agnostic, meaning that you can choose your platform, and then you will need to either use the menu-driven version of that platform, or watch videos, etc to learn how to use that platform (for example, if you choose to launch a podcast, you'll need to get podcast training, or if you choose to start a facebook live channel, you'll need additional instructions for doing that.

This training will give you the inspiration to just take action and make it happen!

One of the biggest challenges I hear from clients about starting their own show is that they "don't know where to start" and the other is "I'm afraid to just do it"

Now, I'm not much for coddling folks who are afraid - so don't expect much from me there.

My advice to you will be the same as what I normally give myself: just get started and get over your fear. No one ever died from starting a live video, and inviting 10 people in their facebook or in linkedin to watch! (even if no one shows up . . .seriously, what's the worst that can happen if you hold a live show for a few weeks . . with no audience.  Then over time as you tell people about it . . it grows.

And that's one more thing: you MUST tell people about it. If you tell no one . . no one knows about it.

Ok, go for it . . .

On the right are 3 sets of video:

  1. A video giving you encouragement to JUST DO IT
  2. A set of videos of me interviewing ordinary people for MY SHOW. The purpose is to show you that it's not scary, that mistakes happen, and that everything is okay.
  3. A video with some guidelines and steps to getting started. In the end though - you must just get started . . it's funny, with something like this, it's like the way opens up AS you do it!

Enjoy and start your own show!


Why You Should Start Your Own Show Now:

Examples of Ordinary People Being Interviewed:

(So that you can see that you can invite ordinary people to be interviewed AND you can be interviewed when the opportunity presents itself. Remember, the more people YOU invite to be interviewed, the more times YOU will be invited to be interviewed)

Interviewing Bob Thibodeau:

Interviewing Lloyd Portman:

Interviewing Paul Silva (note: this is an example of how even someone who has done 1000s of videos and audios over 10+ years can still make mistakes, be unorganized, unprepared . . . and yet . . still the interview goes on! If Paul Silva and I could hang in there and still deliver great content . . so can you!