Signature Coaching Business Confirmation


You registered for today’s training, How to Create a Signature Coaching Business –

but it’s already been held . . . here is a recording of the training:

Recording: How to Create a Signature Coaching Business Fast

Here is what I taught on the training today:

I am going to teach the exact formula for building a Signature Coaching Business that has:

A high level $15k- $35k coaching/consulting level

A mid level $8k – $12k coaching consulting level

A core offer at $2000 ish

PLUS – what has to be on your site to be credible

How to Sell at $2000

And where $2000 Level Traffic Comes From

All in all I am going to show you a formula where you can easily see YOU can have a $100k payday before Christmas!

You’ll get an email from zoom with the conference login details