Intro 2019 Mastermind

There are 2 parts to the 2019 Mastermind:

–> A Fast – Start 8 Week Step by Step Program that will guide you to create your own $1000 coaching program and a complete selling system to sell it consistently.

–> Starting in January 2019, we’ll meet about 2x a month for advanced training, personal guidance, high-level scaling and more.

The GOAL these first 8 weeks is to get you up and running with a full-fledged coaching program you are selling for $1000 (or more)

To make that happen, you’ll need to commit about 10-15 hours per week (or whatever it takes, even if that’s an extra hour or two, a shortened lunch break, etc) for the first 8 weeks.

About 5 of those hours will be study.

And 10 of those hours implementation of that week’s study.

You CAN do this.

You CAN have a $1000 program selling in-system (webinar, optin page, email campaign) within the 8 weeks.

But 2 things are also important:

  1. Don’t rush. This is 8 weeks. You can’t do it in 2 weeks. Do exactly what I give you each week. You’ll be ready to start selling in SOONER than the 8 weeks, but you won’t be finished with the full system.
  2. Don’t skip anything in these numbered lessons. Don’t skip any homework because you’ve seen it before, done it before, or already know how to do something. Oftentimes, that ends up meaning you miss something – and then your system doesn’t work!

We’ll meet on Thursday’s for the next 8 weeks either at 11 AM or 12 noon ET (or perhaps 11:30 AM, some clients can be available in each hour, but not everyone in either, that way everyone can get at least 1/2 hour live, then listen to the recording for the other half) – comments welcome!