Yes, Sean, I want to join your Coaching Membership Mentorship for just $1

I understand I'll get immediate access to your

The Ultimate Coaching Membership Fast Start Program ($1997)

  • Design Your Coaching Membership
  • Create the Backend/Membership Area
  • Write Sales Material so that clients join
  • How to Design Your Lessons
  • How to Automate the Entire Enrollment Process
  • How to Add Order Forms and Get Paid
  • How to Integrate Your Email Campaign With your Coaching Membership
  • Where to Get Clients and New Members
  • How to Scale Your Coaching Membership
  • How to Get Paid Month after Month in Recurring, Automated Revenue
  • And much, much more!


Coaching Membership Mentoring Program ($297/month)

Here’s what you get as a member of this new mentorship program:

  • A million dollar education on how to start your own Coaching Membership and get hundreds of clients
  • Step by step tutorials for not just creating your Coaching Membership but also how to create an entire line of training products you can sell
  • Step by step instructions for writing powerful emails and selling sequences to enroll clients
  • My own sales letter secrets and webinar secrets so you can enroll clients on autopilot
  • Stand-over-my-shoulder video tutorials on how to design the exact topic of your own Coaching Membership
  • A training on the entire Coaching Funnel Model I use to upgrade and upsell clients along an implementation and intensity scale
  • Training on how to get traffic and prospects to your Coaching Membership
  • The Roadmap to Building Your own Complete Coaching Business with your Coaching Membership as the hub . . .

You’re going to get all those secrets . . . Plus many many more . . .when you join my Coaching Membership Mentoring Program

Plus, you’re going to have ME and my support coaches working with you each week answering your questions, giving you guidance, giving you support, motivating you to succeed... doing everything possible to mentor you to financial freedom with your Coaching Membership Funnel.

Plus, you’re going to get tons of love, care, support, help, and ideas from your fellow members inside a powerful advanced Private Forum Membership Community just for my clients . . .

It's a total value of $1997 + $297 a month

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This means instead of paying $297 a month, you’ll pay just $97 a month, to get started on the most consistent stable, recurring income business of your own!

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$297 a month, $97 a month, whatever . . .

I want to GIVE YOU 14 days of unlimited access to learn all you can, talk with me twice, and really dig in and create your own membership . . .

I’m going to let you in on this TODAY for just $1

In fact, I want you to take a FULL 14 Days to study, build your Coaching Membership, come to two live Mentorship calls with me personally, so that you can decide whether me . . . this Mentorship, even a Coaching Membership is right for you . . .

If at ANY TIME during the next 14 days, you feel that me, my Mentorship, or any of the training isn’t everything you wished for and more, just let me know and you’ll never be charged another penny!

With that said, if you ARE thrilled with the training, thrilled with my teaching, and you love the personal mentoring and you wish to continue to get new ideas and personal mentoring from me each week . . . then do nothing

After 14 days, I’ll go ahead and accept your $97 enrollment fee. After that, you’ll be charged $97 a month each month thereafter. But don’t worry. You can cancel anytime, there’s no commitment. You are in full control.

In short, this membership is really powerful

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Sean Mize