Joint WSO With Sean Mize

Welcome to doing a Joint WSO with Sean Mize . . . .

I’ve recorded a video that lead you through the process of creating a wso . . .

but would love for you to shoot me an email first, and tell me what has inspired you to do this with me, and what you want this to do for you!

Now, a little background about the offer:

You probably know a bit about the wso/Warrior Plus market or you likely wouldn’t have been attracted to this offer . . .

But the key idea with a wso is something that is a radically great value, positioned as a low ticket product (usually $7 – $17), with a reasonable backend ($17 – $97 ascending)

If you haven’t seen or aren’t familiar with what products sell well as wsos, just follow this page and check out each offer each day for one week, these are the top 10 offers each day:

Top Offers Page

You’ll need to click on “today” each day.

Then click on each offer – really get familiar with what is working –

Now, for a little history . . .

WSO is the common naming convention I use in referring to those offers . . as it’s continuous with the history warrior forum where the offers originated.

But it’s Warrior Plus (the link above) where you’ll run your offer, NOT the warrior forum.

So . . .back to value . .

If you join Warrior Plus (affectionately referred to hereafter as W+)

and dig deep on the affiliate page, you’ll slowly discover there are guys who have sold $100k, $200k, all the way up to the millions . . . and regularly launch new offers.

Not everyone of course, it’s 80-20 squared skewed just like everything else in life!

So a good place for the .01% who want to dominate and make a full time living

But also a good place to get entry-level buyer leads as well . . .

Subscribers who will escalate in value over time, a test audience, people who read your posts, buy your training, etc.

But there’s a fly in the ointment . .

it’s a pretty closed group, folks will generally only promote proven vendors, but you can’t get proven until you do a few wsos and make a few hundred sales –

but if you are starting out that’s pretty much impossible . .

So . . . about the only way to currently break into Warrior Plus is to have someone like me get you started . . .

do a few wsos where you get 50-100 sales right off the bat, get some traction

It usually takes more than 1 wso to get noticed, but once you get the fever you begin to see that if you can at least break even on each one – or maybe make a few hundred bucks, you can do one each week or each month to start building traction.

Anyhow . . that’s the history . .

The next step is determining what you are going to teach, how you are going to package it to sell it as a wso . . .

I can help you work through that, shoot me an email.

Now, finally, here are the videos showing you how to put your offer into W+ so that you can have a live wso ready to sell!

WSO Demonstration for JVs

Ok, I know that’s a lot, depending on your experience level . . .

please send me an email so I can understand right where you are, and let’s get your first wso up and running!