Add live coaching program delivery

At this point, you should have:

Completed your 10 or so lessons

Created lesson pages on your site

Added membership software if you are going to use it


Once you have those 3 components, you have a complete membership area.

The other part of your business that will make this a coaching program membership is to choose a delivery method for your live coaching.

I personally prefer audio teleseminar and I use instantteleseminar for delivery.

Or you can do weekly video coaching, and gotowebinar, zoom, and easywebinar are good choices (but do your research first, one key component is internet speed, etc., at your home or office . . . and the different services will work differently based on your internet service. So DON’T commit or prepay long term until you’ve tested for a month or two! – no matter how good the discount is to prepay! Try then commit!

You can also layer on ONE form of non-live communication, such as email, skype, messenger, or forum.

The reason I prefer ONE is that it allows YOU to control how you communicate with folks . . and trust me, it’s much easier to have ONE place you go daily to answer questions than to have to login to 4 or 5 different places each day! It doesn’t sound like much now, but when clients are running your life because they are present in 4 or 5 or more different places . . . you begin to feel like a slave to your coaching business!

Keep your business simple, with lessons in your membership site, a weekly audio teleconference or video, and one (or none) ways for folks to ask questions between calls . . . and you’ll find YOU are running your business and helping your clients, instead of your clients running your life!