Big Picture Discussion of a Coaching Membership

At this point, you should be near to completion of your initial 10 or so lessons.

You’ve created a membership page structure on your site.

and perhaps you’ve chosen membership software to protect the pages (although by now you know you can start without it!)

In today’s training, I simply want you to listen to a training that will really give you a much bigger-picture perspective:

Big Picture Discussion of a Coaching Membership


1) Complete your coaching membership initial lessons.

Note: if you at least 6 lessons, you can choose to open the doors to your coaching program sooner than later, and simply record the last 4 lessons live on your coaching calls (as you’ve seen me do with these lessons, these are recordings of prior live lessons)

2) Finalize your membership structure . . it can be as basic as you want, a single access page with links to the lessons, or have membership software layered on top . . but no matter what, finalize it.

Until you do it’s as if your program is “unfinished” and you won’t want to enroll clients.

But once you have it organized, the lessons on your site and on a central location where clients can access them, you are ready to start enrolling clients, and in module 3 we’ll structure your coaching website and write your coaching sales copy.