Choose Membership Software

Choose Membership Software:

by now, you know that I’m a big believer that you don’t actually need membership
software to START.

But . . . it’s useful to feel good about keeping non-members out, most membership software has a payment feature that operates like a shopping cart so you can make payment buttons, and if you install it now, you’ll simply feel more organized than without software.

So in this lessons, I’ll give you the background, then you’ll make a decision about membership software:

Watch this video first: Choose Membership Software

If you want to do extensive research, use Chris Lema’s work (note, as I discussed in the video, although this is dated a few years back . . . it’s likely still the best out there):

List of 30 Membership Software Reviews

Now, I know that some folks just want my recommendation . . .

I personally use memberium, but please note it only works with infusionsoft (which of course I use)

I also use Learndash as a “look and feel” component, a learning module system, which can also function as a basic membership protection level.

Here’s a video of me creating a course/module in Learndash:

Example using Learndash

So . . recommendations:

For simple but still has lots of features: Memberpress

For a free starter option: PM Memberspro

Or if you like the look and feel of Learndash: Learndash


Again, I’ve tried to make this simple.

And yet, even with the few options I’ve given you . . . as I look over this lesson, it feels like it’s still confusing!

Again, it’s because there’s a lot of good solutions, and each is a little different.

So if at this point you have seen something on this page, and you like it (example, learndash or memberium), take action, and make a decision!

But if just don’t know what to do  . . . choose a simple one like memberpress or PM MembersPro


Just choose one!

Make a decision, download it and protect your membership pages so that only coaching/membership clients get access!