Introduction to Writing Trust Based Email Campaigns

Congratulations on enrolling in my Email Campaign Mastery Training.

This training contains both teaching (the “why” and “how”) and step by step directions. I have discovered in the past that if someone tries to do the work (for example, write the emails and sales letters) before listening to the training, their work isn’t as good, so please study – and implement – this material in the order in which it is presented, as you will get much better results.

This will allow you to completely consume one step and internalize it before going to the next one; you will get much better results much faster this way!

So let’s get started!

Listen to these trainings in the order they are listed, take careful notes, and get prepared to be blown away.

You are going to be amazed at what you learn in these core trainings, then you are going to be amazed at the action you are going to take to get where you want to go.

And action it will be!

Targeted action.

Now, I know that right now you are probably wanting to start doing something NOW.

But I have found that if you get a good feeling for the “big picture” it makes it so much easier to do the work.

Because instead of feeling like you are just doing certain steps because “Sean said to” you are doing them because you see where they fit.

So . . . your first assignment is not going to be to take action, but instead to listen to some
trainings that are going to get you up to speed on some concepts.

Please listen to all of the training on the core training page as quickly as possible.

Don’t cheat this step, when people skip this step, they end up spinning their wheels until I realize it and have them go back and listen to these trainings.

So . . . start here – and in a few days, once you have finished listening to these trainings, you will get started on the real work!

Once you have listened to all the above trainings, you should have a very good idea of what your email campaign is going to contain.

Reminder: Listen to these in the order they are listed – the concepts build on each other, and add depth when listened to in this order.