Overcoming Fear with Kristin

Does fear or sheer terror at failing (or succeeding, or messing up) STOP you from being successful? If so, this is a must watch video:

On Tuesday’s live coaching call, we ended up having a one-hour discussion of fear – not just fear, but raw, blistering TERROR at taking action because of fear of failure, wasting time, and much worse . . .

And Kristin Van Tilburg spoke up and offered an explanation of WHY I am able to move from fear to taking action FAST and refocus on my call . . . and I asked her to create a video teaching the process.

Kristin has exceeded over and above with an EXCELLENT video training that deconstructs not only a powerful fear-overcoming method – but, amazingly – it’s like she’s reading my mind – because she describes how I deal with fear . . nearly better than I can!

So . . . I HIGHLY recommend that if you struggle with ANY fear that is holding you back, drop everything, and watch this video with an open and focused mind:


  1. Sean Mize on September at 8:14 pm

    If this video training about fear made a difference for you, would you let Kristin know below? Thanks, Sean!~