The Results a Client Gets By Enrolling In Your Coaching

This a short lesson ?

What is the result your client should get by working with you?

For example, if someone works with you for 12 weeks, what can he hope to accomplish?

If you were to talk with someone personally each week for 12 weeks, helping them in small steps, what would you expect someone to accomplish?

You see, the steps you create for your onboarding lessons will simply guide folks through the steps to achieve that result.

For example, if you are in health, the goal might be: an awareness of daily eating patterns, add 3x of exercise each week, with a goal of 5 pounds of muscle added and 10 pounds of fat lost.

Notice by defining the goal, now it becomes easy to create steps to help someone do just that!

If you are teaching someone to create a blog, the 12 week goal might be:

a fully functional blog with 24 blog posts, an about page, and an optin form.

Now, you can easily define the steps to making that a reality!

So it’s your turn now . .

What result do you want your coaching client to have in 12 weeks?

Write this down.

Print it out.

This is like a guiding direction for everything you do . . .your goal in your
coaching is for folks to attain this result.

Your goal in enrolling folks is so that they can attain this result.

Your goal in folks coming to your site is so that they can attain this result.

This result for clients becomes the guiding direction for everything you do in your business.

So . . . what result do you want your clients to have in 12 weeks?

Here are some imaginary examples:

If you are a communication coach:

Result: communicate better at work so position better for raises or promotions

If you are a weight loss coach:

Result: Client loses 12 pounds but more importantly adapts lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight

If you are a marketing/sales funnel coach:

Result: Client creates first complete sales funnel from end to end (define what’s included in that sales funnel)

If you are a transformation coach (aka, mindset, confidence, psychology, etc)

Result: Client gains critical understanding of basics of the transformation you teach, with actionable steps that he or she is actively implementing and getting an impact from in his or her life (for example, mindset: mindset changes so client is willing to alter work habits, alter communication habits, alter eating habits, etc.)


Write YOURS out for YOUR Clients.

What is the RESULT you want your client to receive in the first 12 weeks of working with you?

Once you’ve identified this, everything else begins to fall together (and of course you continue to follow these directions and you’ll be creating your coaching program fast)