Watch Me Create a Live Front Page in WordPress

In this unconventional video, you will watch me create an on-the-fly live front page in WordPress!

Please note, this isn’t designed to be a “step by step” but instead, to show you how to innovate on the fly, and how to creatively design YOUR front page the way YOU want it to look:

Watch Me Create a Live Front Page in WordPress



The reason I use wpengine personally, and recommend it, is it’s:

Easy to use

Fast Hosting

Constantly maintained


and now, includes Studio Press themes (which I demonstrate on the video above)

Yes, it’s more expensive . . . but I use it because of all the reasons above AND it’s super-stable.

If you have a real business, you want super-robust hosting that’s easy to use.

I rarely recommend specific services, as you may know, so many it just doesn’t matter.

But if you web hosting is slow, or breaks down, or loses your data, or a zillion other things . . . you end up wishing you had the best hosting, even though it’s more expensive . . . so I highly recommend it: wpengine hosting