Welcome to Designing Your Coaching Site and Sales Page

At this point, you’ve created your lessons, and have pages on your site for the lessons.

You’ve decided how you are going to deliver your live coaching component.

But your “coaching business” is still incomplete . .

You need 2 key pieces to be complete:

  1. a front page to your site that is consistent with your coaching program message and
  2. a sales page that describes what folks will get in your coaching program, and has an enrollment process (payment button, etc.So in this module, I’ll show you how to design your front page copy and how to write your sales letter.

To do that effectively, I’m going to introduce you to a story telling process (to help you intuitively understand how to tell the “story” of your clients’ need and your coaching solution)


So that you can:

create a mission statement

write your front-page copy

and finally, write your sales letter


once you have these components, together with the actual coaching membership you created in Module 2, you’ll have a complete coaching program you can enroll clients in!

Let’s get started!