Life Changing Platform Development Program

Welcome to the Life-Changing-Platform Development Program!

Over the course of the next 5 weeks, you are going to systematically learn how to build a live life-changing platform and industry-changing platform in your niche area.

Prior to the Live Call, Start Preparing by listening to as much of this pages’ training as possible, really allow it to sink deep in, you don’t need to take notes, this is to shift your mindset about what you can accomplish in your niche:

(this will set up the concept of a big business, then when we do the live class, you will build the PLATFORM to support that big business):

Intro Training – Million Person Business

2nd Intro – Million Dollar Business

How to Do it:

Visualize the disruption in your niche

How to Find a Million Person Problem

How to Find the Solution to a Million Person Problem

How to Brainstorm a Disruptive Innovation in Your Niche

First Call Recording: Million Person Business and Create Platform

Second Call Recording: Find The Million – Person Problem in Your Market

Third Call Recording: Brainstorm/Dream Up the Million – Person Solution in Your Market

Fourth Call Recording: Take Action, Dissecting Common Problems, Motivational Call

Fifth Call Recording: How to Create a Viral Online Business (how to go viral; viral marketing)

Sixth and Final Call Recording: Mindset Required to Build a Million-Person Business

Starting with the first live call recording, do the homework assigned on the live call, each week, prior to the next week’s call.

Here is the recording of the 1st Week of the Platform Class:

Week 1: Platform Class

Here is the recording of the 2nd Platform Class:

Week 2: Platform Class

As discussed on the call, I indicated I would share a few suggestions for web hosting and for themes/plugins/page builders.

This is the web hosting I personally use:

Web hosting I Personally Use For Fast Pages and Security

You might ask, why pay $29 a month when you can get cheapo hosting somewhere else?

Because I’ve been down the cheapo hosting route and I’ve paid hundreds a month for a private server.

And both have problems and challenges, and you don’t know it until lose data or get infected or lose a site. And no matter how much you say it won’t happen to you  . . .it can and there’s a strong likelihood that it will.

Web page builder I personally use: Web page builder I personally use

This is why I like Beaver Builder: because it’s really, really easy to create any page you want in minutes, on the fly. You don’t have to hunt for a theme that does exactly what you have in mind . . . you can do it yourself in minutes.

Here’s a video showing you how easy it is: How to Use Beaver Builder to Create a Web Page Fast (Example of me creating a squeeze page in 10 minutes)

My second choice (although I don’t use it personally, I like Beaver Builder better): Make

Plugins to use to make your Platform functional:

You’ll recall I indicated to use ONLY the plugins and functionality you need to do what you want your site to do.

DON’T add features to your site just because you find something cool that’s available, as you do research.

You’ll recall I indicated that the decision of which software you should use should be predicated by what you already know . . don’t spend 3 months learning Ruby on Rails or 12 months learning Scala when you can already install wordpress in 10 minutes!

Keep wordpress really really simple with a few plugins ONLY and it will remain simple and scalable.

To add a forum and or a community, my top recommendation is:

for forums: BBPress

for communities: Buddy Press

for q and a: CM Answers Pro

for advanced search on your site and views-type presentation on your site: wp-types

note: I am not crazy about wo-types, I’ve used it on another site, it works GREAT – but when I tried to upgrade the version it doesn’t play well with the rest of my site and plugins . . . so ONLY use wp-types if it will do for you what you really want, and you are willing to stick with the current version you install 🙂

If you want to use a social network THEME instead of a plugin, check out


That’s NOT my preferred solution – I prefer to use a flexible theme (like Beaver Builder or Make) and use a plugin for the functionality. That’s so that I can separate look and feel from the functionality. There is no right or wrong way – just preferences. That’s my preference.

If you really want to do more research, here is a list to start with:

Note: just because there are multiple solutions for you to research DOESN’T mean you should develop analysis paralysis.

If I had my druthers, I would order you to use wpengine for hosting, wpbeaverbuilder for a theme, and BBpress for forum or community features!

But as soon as I get dictatorial, folks would rebel!!

Hence . . lots of choices!

As discussed on the call, I’m not recommending you use much more than this, except for very specific circumstances where you have determined you want a certain functionality. The more plugins you run, the slower your site can run, and when you scale big, that can be a problem.

Keep your site simple, use only what you need.

The 4 plugins on this page will make your site a world-class site!

One more option – I have to mention it for completeness, although I fear bringing it up as it muddies the waters!

And that is that you COULD build your concept on the back of a membership software instead . . . so that it’s easy to integrate payments, etc . . .

Not my favorite idea – I personally prefer to build it simply with the right plugins, then use the membership feature ONLY for payments and membership access (remember, I like to keep different areas of functionality separate, so if one thing breaks, the whole site doesn’t break, only the broken part breaks!)

But . . . if you want to consider this – but not for long – either you like it or you don’t – but if you are waffling – do it with a theme and a few plugins as described earlier . .

Chris Lema has a GREAT series of reviews of each of the top membership softwares:

Chris Lema’s post note: don’t worry about the date (2015) -it’s still relevant and my own resource when I have questions about membership software.

note: I personally use memberium but that’s only because it perfectly integrates with infusionsoft

I also like memberpress, but have used it only in limited capacity so can’t all-out tell you it’s awesome!~


Ok, enough complexity.

Go through this, make decisions, go simply when possible (almost always) and build out fast!!

Week 3 Live Training Call:

Week 3 Live Training Access


To your success,

Sean Mize