Linkedin Training Access

Note: the training on this page is very powerful, and not taught anywhere on earth that I know of.

I was planning to make this a higher-priced LinkedIn Traffic Training Program

But right now, I just want you to be able to start using the technique, and I want to see you get serious results fast.

And I would LOVE IT if you would share your results with me, if you like this method and start doing it . .

So here is access to what’s been created so far:

Linkedin can be a very powerful way to get new leads.

Here’s the problem when you are first trying to get traction when you start posting youtube videos or instagram stories or even something with facebook . .

If you don’t have enough contacts to get enough views, the social media sites just don’t share your content as much.

I’ve discovered a solution that I believe can really change things for you:

Step 1) Create the content on whereever you are focusing (say, youtube or instagram or even linkedin videos, etc)

Step 2) Go to linkedin, and use the concept of the linkedin prospecting process I teach in the below videos, to build relationships that then allow you to give linkedin contacts (think: humans who need you) a link to your youtube videos, instagram stories, etc.)

They then watch the videos, if they are interested they click the link to your optin page, then they get into your funnel.

Note: this MUST be done non-chalantly, NON-salesy

You MUST take the time to build the relationships FIRST

and the videos below teach you the CONCEPT of “attracting” someone to

ASK YOU how what YOU do.

You THEN say, “I teach ____ to do ______ Would you like to see short video (or article, etc) that tells you how it works?”

Then they say yes.

Then you send them your client attraction video or article

That leads to your optin page


if you other people hitting you up on linkedin, prospecting in the first message, and think that since they are doing it, you can too

please hear me: IT DOES NOT WORK like this method of building the relationship FIRST


DO NOT rush the process

DO NOT think that you can just send them to your video on the first email.

Go back and forth 2-3 times FIRST following the procedure I describe


trust me

just do this PERSONALLY for 30 minutes everyday and you’ll be AMAZED at your results.

Ok, let’s get serious:

Now, when you watch the videos below, there are use cases mentioned . . for example, “to get linkedin people to join your Summit”, etc.

So you can ignore that.

But what is important here is the PROCESS I deeply describe about the prospecting that leads someone to naturally DESIRE to see what you do . . . .

So . . watch these linkedin training videos with this caveat and warning:

This could radically shift how you generate your leads . . .

Linkedin Training:

Linkedin Prospecting Part 1

Linkedin Prospecting Part 2

Linkedin Scripts

Now, I would love it if you were to begin to nurture your own connections and relationships so that when you are ready to start inviting folks, your contacts are warmer than they are today – frankly speaking, too many folks wait till the last minute to nurture . . and find they can’t get yes es because they haven’t connected.

I am seriously looking forward to doing this with you, and am looking forward to sharing with you easy ways to get experts on board (and sharing some success stories of others doing this with me who already have key players on board!

Have a great weekend, and spend 30 minutes a day in linkedin!


P.S. Like I said, this is the possible start of a Higher Priced Linkedin Training –

I’m not sure that I’ll continue it . .

But for now . . enjoy and this may change things in a big way in your business!

Sean Mize