Live Training Watch Me Create a Webinar on the Fly, Watch Me Create a Coaching Program From Scratch AND Set up the Automated Selling for it All

This was a live training, and has now been held . . .

I was in fact able to show everything on screen . . but unfortunately I didn’t record it . . .

so if you missed it, I’m sorry 🙁




LIVE – as I script a brand new webinar from scratch on screen – and make it so easy you will KNOW that you can do it too!

I am going to show you LIVE ON SCREEN the creation of a coaching program from scratch

And I am going to show you LIVE ON SCREEN how to configure your webinar + your coaching program in a conversion automation so that you can send new prospects to your webinar, then they join your coaching . . .all hands off from you once you set it up the way I SHOW you on today’s live training.

NOTE: this is going to be fast-paced.

Be sure and plan to not be interrupted, have a pad of paper for deep notes . . .

This will move fast, I am going to work live on screen like I do in real . .

Folks often ask me, how do you get so much done?

You are going to see it in ACTION today!


Sean Mize