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Congratulations for Choosing the 2017 Master Access Package!

Not everything is live here yet, but I think this is about 100 of the trainings . . .

many have sales pages, some trainings do not . . .

10x Sales Funnel Automation

Sales Page: 10x Sales Funnel Sales Page Sample

Free Consult Selling System

Sales Page: Free Consult Selling System

Coaching Program Home Study Course

Sales Page: Coaching Program Home Study Course

Coaching Program Launch Course

Sales Page: 10 Day Coaching Program Launch Course

Email Campaign Mastery

Sales Page: Email Campaign Mastery

Youtube Traffic Training Program

Million Person Business Training Program

1) The Advanced Sales Funnel Blueprint ($97)

–> The 4 Advanced Components of Your Modern Sales Funnel

–> How to Create a 12 Product Sales Funnel in Only 3 Hours a Week

–> Advanced Psycho-Selling to Take Your Profits to a New Level!

Access the training here: Advanced Sales Funnel Blueprint

2) The High-Level Infobusiness for 2017 (this is the Secret Shift I mentioned in January) ($297)

–> The problem with infobusiness selling the old way (pre-2016)

–> The solution – and the big shift in 2017 – to take your infoselling 10X

–> The entire deep and high-level infobusiness model I personally use


The Business Model – The Why and the Shift

The Business Model – Implementation

How to Create a Credibility Campaign

Create Training Specifically for Subscriber Needs

Write Copy That Blends into Credibility Campaign

Natural Conclusion Sales Funnel

3) The 2017 Big Traffic Training – Traffic Training That Flat-Out WORKS in 2017 ($297)

–> Unlimited Visitors Traffic Model

–> Blogging in 2017

–> Relationship Traffic That is Highly Profitable


Traffic Deep Dive – Reality

Intro to Relationship Traffic

Blogging With Donna and David

Unlimited Visitors to Your Site

1000 Subscribers a Month

Viral Traffic

4) How to Blueprint Your Entire Year of Business In One Sitting ($197)

–> The Most Important Part of Your Blueprint

–> How to Actually Motivate to DO your Blueprint

–> How to Implement Your 52 Week Blueprint FAST

Blueprint Training

5) How to Launch a One-Year Coaching Program ($300)

–> The Components of a One-Year Coaching Program

–> How to Build your One-Year Coaching Program

–> The Special Coaching Program Selling System

How to Launch a One-Year Coaching Program

6) How to Sell on the Fly (This is Critical For Generating Cash Flow in Your Business TODAY) ($200)

–> How to Create a New Profitable Offer Each and Every Week

–> How to Create Cash Flow Paydays

–> How to Get Ideas for Your Cash Flow Paydays

How to Sell on the Fly

7) InfoProducts Complete A-Z (Brand New 10 – Part System for Your Infobusiness Profits) ($2197)

–> There are 10 parts, here are 3 of them:

–> Intensive Sales

–> Psychology of Devotion

–> Easy Way to Write Your Sales Letter

1) Infotraining Lesson 1

2) Infotraining Lesson 2

3) Infotraining Lesson 3

4) Infotraining Lesson 4

5) Psychology of Devotion

6) Write Your Sales Letter

7) Coaching Call

8) Coaching Call

9) Traffic and Sales

10) Sales Intensive

8) The Big Business Training Program (This was originally a 6 week live class) ($297)

–> How to Get Viral Traffic For Your Big Business

–> The plugins you need to run your Big Business

–> How to Get the Big Idea for Your Big Business

Big Business Consolidation Model

Big Business First Class: Intro and Get Started

Big Business 2nd Class: Plugins

Big Business 3rd Class

Big Business 4th Class: Viral Traffic

Big Business 5th Class: Launching Your Membership

Big Business 6th Class: Writing Your Email Campaign

9) Build a High-Value Membership and Scale it to 1000 Members – ($500)

–> How to Scale to 1000 Members Fast

–> What to Include in Your High-Value Membership

–> Step by Step to Building Your High-Value 1000 Member Membership

Membership Training

Membership Sales Letter

Membership Pre-Selling Emails

10) The Brand New As-Of-Yet-Unnamed Coaching Program Training From Sean Mize – my up and coming Flagstaff Coaching Training That May Sell For as Much as $3000!

–> The New Coaching Program Creation System – the Easiest System Yet from Sean Mize

–> The Ultimate 3-Pronged Coaching Program Selling System

–> How to Sell Your Coaching Program as YOUR Flagstaff Training Program

10 Day Coaching Program

Coaching Enrollment Question System Part 1

Coaching Enrollment Question System Part 2

Coaching Enrollment Question System Part 3 – Closing

50 Additional Classic Training Programs

These training downloads will be added soon:

Deep Dive Into Youtube – Real Life – This is actionable advice given to a REAL CLIENT and you can see the results she got!

The Keys to Implementing What You Learn – This rarely taught topic bridges the gap from what you know to what you DO!

Vision, Focus, Distractions, Victory – This is a proven path for building your entrepreneurship . . hidden gems to take you to the next level

How to Take Entrepreneurial Action – There’s a special “way” that successful entrepreneurs take action . . and in this training, you’ll get the keys!

Youtube Kickoff . . . you’ll get some actionable ideas you can use to kickoff your own high-volume youtube channel

Surprise Track . . .you’ll get at least 3 big ideas out of this one!

How to Use Natural Engagement to Get Massive Traffic – This special track teaches you a new powerful approach to driving hot engaged traffic to your site!

Surprise Track 2 – yes, more goodies!

Relentless Pursuit of Traffic – Discover Oodles of Ideas on How YOU Can Get Amazing Traffic to Your Site!

Passion to Persevere (Listen to this one first . . . talk about laying a foundation for building a solid business!)

Recordings from My Ritz Blitz Master Class ($39)


Bonus Page Templates:

For each of these, you can copy then make any changes to make it totally customized for YOUR business:

1) Coaching Sales Letter Template:

Coaching Sales Letter Template

2) Sales Letter Template (1st sales letter in this package, includes the upsell pages):

Html files for pre-written sales funnel

3) Membership Sales Letter:

Membership Sales Letter

4) Sample Download Page:

Sample Download Page


5) 25 Sample Coaching Lessons

25 Sample Coaching Lessons


6) 30 day Email Campaign Rapport-Building Sequence:

30 Day Email Campaign Rapport-Building Sequence

7) Youtube Content Video Outline:

Youtube Content Video Outline


Product Launch Email Campaign Template:

Product Launch Email Campaign Template


Pre-Written Copy and Paste Complete Sales Funnel:

You can download the html files here:

Html files for pre-written sales funnel

You can download the word doc files here:

Word doc files for pre-written sales funnel

You can download the pages (for mac) files here:

Pages (for mac) files for pre-written sales funnel

Also, I’ve recorded a video of me writing a sales letter from the first sales letter (the front end) (once you “get” the front end letter, the upsells are no-brainers!):

Watch the “Explainer Video” here where you SEE me using the “Front End Sales Letter” Template to Write a Sales Letter:

Watch Me Write a Sales Letter in 30 Minutes Using the “Front End Sales Letter”

Also, as a bonus, listen to this training about how I personally create and choose effective upsells to sell in the funnel:

This training will teach you how to create a powerful upsell funnel:

==>Upsell Funnels That Sell Training

And as a second bonus, listen to this training from last week’s live coaching call, where I teach how to write a sales letter from scratch:

How to Write a Compelling Sales Letter From Scratch

And as a shameless plug for coaching with me . . . if you want to come to my weekly coaching call (like the one just above) you can enroll here:

Are You Stuck Building Your IM Business? – Weekly Coaching Call to Take You to the Next Level

Friend, I want to see you succeed, and having a complete and powerful sales funnel is a critical part of making that happen!

I encourage you to take action and just do it – create your sales funnel soon!

Sean Mize