Master Step by Step Plan

Building an online business  is not easy.


I got that out of the way!

Seriously, there are more than 7 steps.

You’ll do 7 steps on day 1.

But of course in the past what’s happened is you get started on the first few steps – then get overwhelmed by the 500 . . .

I am going to break the 500 down into manageable bites.

You can do one a day, two a day, 5 a day (the first few steps are more intensive so they will take you a day or more each)

The way this will work is I’ve arranged each item into bite-sized pieces.

They are set in a suggested order, but you can skip around if you want, some.

But this is the big picture.

Without these steps, you don’t have a business.

Now is that to say that you might be able to miss one small part, and not have a business?

Probably not.

But the more components that you don’t have in place, the more you are leaving to chance.

And you don’t want to leave your business to chance, do you?