How to Apply to Talk With Sean for Your Mastermind 1-1

One of the perks of joining the Total Access 2021 program is that Total Access 2021 clients get a complimentary 1-1 with me.

However, I'll be blunt:

If you aren't ready yet to use your session to truly maximize your business and get absolute clarity so that you can immediately take what you get from me on the 1-1 and take massive action in your business . . .

I'm not ready to schedule your session.

You see, the purpose of your complimentary 1-1 session with me is to radically maximize your income and your impact on the world going into 2021.

And although I will make time for you - when you are ready to jumpstart your business . . .

I simply won't talk with clients who aren't ready yet.

Because this isn't a "pick Sean's brain for an hour because he offered a free 1-1 as a bonus" . . .

I've discovered that clients who "pick my brain" instead of coming to me to get my advice on streamlining and maximizing their business . . .

pick my brain

go home

look at their notes

take one small action

get stuck

go surfing online

and 6 months later, very little has changed in their business.

But, on the other hand,

clients who get an hour of my time

We dig deep on their goals,

what's stopping them from their goals

and what they have to do to ACHIEVE their goals

and then they leave the hour with a solid game plan for success  . . .

THOSE clients take massive action and get RESULTS.

So . . . if I talk with someone who is not ready - aka - in the pick Sean's brain and get a free hour mindset . . .

it's actually a disservice to those clients.

It does them no good.

They've wasted an hour.

And of course the hour they wasted is an hour that could have gone to good use in another clients life

and even in their own life, they could have used the hour for intense study

or for changing someone's life.

So  . . . for that reason, it's important that we schedule your complimentary 1-1

when you are ready to take massive action, not just on the day you receive this letter . .

so . . . if you are not ready yet . . .

hold off.

put this in a safe place.

Use it before 2021 ends (plenty of time to procrastinate, oops, did I really say that???)

And when you are ready -



in 2 months . . .

when you are ready,

fill out the form below

and make sure it's clear you are READY to change your life and get MAXIMUM value out of your time with me!


When we talk, we will dig deep into where you want to take your business, your dream for your business (such as your path to get to $100k, $200k or more),

We will dig deep into what's stopping you from getting there right now (let's face it, if you had all the answers or the right implementation plan, you wouldn't even need to be reading this and considering filling out the application)

And we will discuss the best path for you to get where you want to go, the fastest and most efficient for you.

We'll explore what's stopping you from massive, explosive growth in your Consulting Business already . . .

And when you leave the time with me, you'll have made significant progress on the following:

Your Ultimate Game Plan for Rapid Profitable Growth in Your Business

An understanding of what is sabotaging your success so you can take action and overcome

Your Transformational Concept that changes lives

A Scale Plan to get to YOUR Desired Income

Clarity on the Steps it will take to get there

If you are ready for your Mastermind 1-1 with me, take the first step by filling out this application:

Step 1:

I look forward to seeing what you want to grow in your business, and if we talk, be prepared to dig deep and come away with a rock-solid plan!

Sean Mize