Coaching Membership Mentorship

Step 1: Start with the Modules below, work sequentially starting with Module 1, then Module 2, and so on.

Step 2: Attend the weekly Mastermind training calls (access to the right)

Step 3: Remain laser-focused. You have a goal, now is your opportunity to live out that goal! The tools are here, the steps are here, dig deep and build it out! -- Sean Mize

Here's how to attend the Weekly Mastermind Training Calls With Sean Mize:

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Core Training, Start Here:

A deep Dissection of the Coaching Membership Model, how it works and why it's so effective

This is how to quickly mobilize your newly created Coaching Membership and start getting clients in fast

Writing a basic 30 day email campaign is critical in your Coaching Membership and coaching business. This module makes it easy!

For very creative and innovative brainstorming for finding your special niche, discovering your bleeding neck solution, or creating a Blue Ocean Concept

If your home page isn't positioned correctly, people come to your site, think you can't help them and leave. This fixes that.

More Course Work

More Course Work