• ShariLee Beynon posted an update 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    I have gone from looking at my 10 x 10 matrix as a new horizon–where I can at last do it–to having my mind go BLANK trying to fill in–at the very least–110 slots of concrete information. Then, if I go deeper to the next level… it would be a thousand. And, that is where I scared the daylights out of myself and froze in abject fear for lack of knowledge and imagination.

    As I pushed forward this past three weeks, I found myself moving through the valley when I got Influenza A virus. I slept and worked and slept and worked anyway. I missed Thanksgiving all together, but I got my website recovered from the hackers and my matrix further along. I got some writing done, and I even began to think I could teach the first lesson.

    I was expecting to have to climb another mountain. However, I opened my eyes one morning to discover a plain was stretching out before me for as far as my eye could see. It looked boring and hopeless. I was past the flu and past the first scares, and now there was nothing but boring in front of me.

    It is that place where you stop using excuses and realize that putting one foot in front of the other making big, little, great, tiny progress is all to be celebrated because you did not quit. It is that place where almost everyone uses the excuse that because you are not further along–you may as well quit.

    I have been here before, and I was a quitter in the past, but not this time. This time, I am determined to keep moving forward making little, great, tiny, or tons of progress because now I realize that the plane is all there is. Why? Because it is where quitters quit and successful coaches keep on keeping on anyway.

    It is in this place that I will enjoy my successes, change lives–mostly my own–and make a difference. It may not always be as exciting as a mountain or as relieving as a valley, but as long as I keep moving–it will always be rewarding. I know this is further than I have ever mentally come before, and I somehow know that if I don’t do it this time–I never will.

    I hope this makes sense to someone besides me,

    I have written an introduction to my course – called “No Quitters Here”
    I have concrete steps for the first two lessons
    I have concrete categories for my 10 x 10 Matrix (not the ten under each, just the first two)
    I have a sales page written
    My website is up
    I have my auto responder partially set up

    I have been studying your formula and taking notes so I can make sure I’m tracking with you