Boardroom Mentoring:
Fast Paced, Implementation Based Mentoring:

Strong focus on taking action, building pages, videos, and webinar funnels FAST so that you can start making your own high ticket sales FAST.

Welcome to Boardroom Mentoring

Watch this Introductory Video First Before Proceeding:

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Module 1:
Create Your High Ticket ($5k - $10k) Program and Automate Enrollment

Step 1: Create Your High Ticket Offer


Lesson 1

Outline What You Will Teach

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Lesson 2

Create High Ticket Offer


Lesson 3

Design Delivery of Your High Ticket Program

Quick Link to Templates

Access your funnel templates here


Fast Chat with Colleagues

Step 2: Create Minimum Viable Funnel Pages

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Lesson 4

Create Your Home Page

3 How to

Lesson 5

Create Your Initial Webinar Registration Page

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Lesson 6

Create Your Webinar Page

Step 3: Create Essential Webinar

3 How to

Lesson 7

Write Your Webinar Script

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Lesson 8

Put Your Webinar in Powerpoint

3 How to

Lesson 9

Record Your Webinar

Step 4: Create Automated Selling Funnel

3 How to

Lesson 11

Put all funnel pages in line

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Lesson 12

Create Onboarding Email Campaign for Funnel

Step 5: Launch Your Automated High Ticket Enrollment Funnel

3 How to

Lesson 13

Outline Your
Main Webinar

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Lesson 14

Put Main Webinar in Powerpoint

3 How to

Lesson 15

Record Main

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Lesson 16

Create Order Form for Your High Ticket Program

Step 6: Add Sales Letter Campaign to Automated High Ticket Funnel For More Sales

3 How to

Lesson 17

Write Sales Letter for High Ticket Offer

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Lesson 18

Write Email Campaign For High Ticket Offer

3 How to

Lesson 19

Queue Email Campaign for High Ticket Offer

What you should have in place by now


You've completed the first Core Component of building your High Ticket Automated Selling Funnel

You have:

home page --> registration page --> application webinar --> the fill out application --> watch your main webinar --> buy --> or they go through 3 day sales letter sequence --> buy


Goal conversions:

Get 100 subscribers --> 10 fill out application --> 8 watch webinar - 2 buy your $5000 program = $10,000


This allows 100 subscribers to be worth $10,000

so the average revenue per subscriber on the entry campaign is $100

This allows you to invest as much as $10 per subscriber (that's high, actually) - and make $90 per subscriber


So with just 100 new subscribers each week  - that's $9000 a week net profit!

And that price allows you to advertise on youtube or Facebook

but you can also use my proprietary LinkedIn interview invite method of targeting influencers who mail their list for YOUR offer . . .

They either do it for you as a swap with you once you have a list, or you can pay them $5 - $10 per subscriber .  .

but you turn around and make $100 per subscriber within a few days so it's worth the investment


Congratulations on making it this far!

Now it's a matter of scaling, and driving traffic, and making more sales!

Welcome to the High Ticket Club!!!

Module 2:
Scale 4x From There

Step 1: X

Module 3:
Create Your 2nd Level Mastermind ($12k-$25k)

Step 1: X

Module 4:
The Next Level: Become a Mentor to Mentors

Step 1: X