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Update on Interview Network:

1) Watch this interview, deep insight into value of interviews:

I've started a linkedin group just for Interview Clients, you can offer to interview each other for practice (and for real, put the interviews in the group and on your site).

It does require approval, so ask for approval, I'll approve you as I'm online:


Interview Network Private Linkedin Group


Next live meeting:

Tuesday, September 1st, at 1 PM ET:



Join Link:

Interview Network Live 9-1-20 1 PM ET


Note: because this is a small group, I'm testing the meeting version, so you can be on screen with your video if you choose. I want to try to emulate the interview concept and possibly do some practice sessions with colleague critiques.


Get involved in these projects:

Podcast Networking Membership

Hi Interview clients . .

I've wrestled with the best format for this group . . fb (you know I dislike the social environment there, as it's easy to be distracted), a private forum . . . or a linkedin group.

I've chosen a linkedin group as a test for a few reasons:

1) Linkedin is a GREAT place to be connected if you want to interview and be interviewed. So although I suggest getting involved in linkedin . . . coming to this group should be a reminder each time you arrive here, to prospect and connect a little in linkedin.

Send me a connection request, send everyone else in this group a connection request.

2) I'm interested in seeing the dynamic that's able to happen here, as opposed to a fb group or a private forum

3) I really believe you should be connecting more here 🙂

So here's how I'd love this to work:

Rather than wait for the perfect moment . . . why not ask each member of the group if you can interview them?

Interview them.

Post the interview here.

Upload it to youtube.

Put it on your site.

The best way to begin GETTING interview requests is to start offering interviews.

Get involved in podcast groups and interview groups (and I will post groups over time both here and on the class page.

Let's get interviewing!

Interview Network Private Linkedin Group


Welcome to the Interview Network Exclusive!

By working together, learning new techniques of getting traffic through interviews, podcasts, and linkedin, you can leverage and get highly - qualified traffic and strong visitors.

We'll go through several stages in preparing your site, your network, and your interviews for prime time:

Training - We'll be training you on what to do and how to do it -

in Interviews, Podcasts, and Linkedin

Practice: In order to get the best interviews, you need to be able to interview others well AND be able to BE INTERVIEWED well. So we'll help you set up practice sessions so that you can get the practice you need to be smooth, and start getting new interviews on your site as well for credibility.

Get interviewed: Once you are ready for prime-time, you'll start getting invites to be interviewed. This is where the rubber really meets the road, and you start getting noticed and get traffic!

Podcast Training:

This was powerful: I partnered with a real-world podcast interviewer to give you deep insight into interviews and how they get you noticed and get traffic.

Here is the Zoom Recording Link

Be sure to watch it all - pretty much every minute is gold


Note: it's critical that you build a foundation so that you can get interviews and grow.

Your first interview won't be the best.

And you have to leverage up to bigger and bigger names . . .but you HAVE to start small (with a blind squirrel exception here and there) . . .

and the more you do, the more you'll grow into bigger networks.

Once you are ready, I'll start linking you up with others here that you can practice on, so you can start posting to your site and the podcast networks too.

Linkedin Training:

Linkedin Prospecting Part 1

Linkedin Prospecting Part 2

Linkedin Scripts

An indepth, deep look at prospecting in Linkedin  . . .using some new concepts for targeting and attraction:

Linkedin Prospecting Workshop