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Acceleration Day

Imagine if TODAY you could totally finish that one big thing that stands between you and success?

Yes, I know it’s a crazy thought.

I know it seems impossible.

(But with God all things are possible, right?)

You see, there is something you know, right now, that is holding you back from the success of your future.

In the back of your mind, you know it is there.

You may be sidestepping it.

Constantly finding something new to do, or something new to learn, instead of just doing it.

But you know what it is, right?

Like, if you did THAT step, everything else falls together?

You see, I don’t believe this business has to be hard.

Simple steps:

1) Teach what you know (or learn something new)

2) Create a coaching program

3) Create a site and put daily content on it (like this)

4) Make every effort to enroll visitors into your coaching program

5) What would it take to get 100 people paying $100 a month to be in your coaching program?

6) What would it mean for you to have 100 people paying you $100 a month?

7) What is standing in the way of YOU creating a site and a $100 a month coaching program?

So . . .seriously.

You know what the next step for you is.

You’ve thought about it, dreamed about it, dodged it.

You know how long it SHOULD take.

But what if you were to challenge yourself to do it in ONE DAY?

Could you find some way to do it?

So maybe you are thinking this is impossible.

Here’s the question: is it impossible with God?

Ask Him, is this impossible for YOU?

If it’s not impossible for God . . .

why not find a way to join hands with Him and in His power . . . just do it in one day.

Perhaps today.

Perhaps tomorrow.

But finish this next step.

By the way, there are some who are saying, this is too tough, I don’t want to involve God, whatever.

They will walk away from this opportunity and one year from now, likely be in the same boat they are now, hoping (and perhaps praying) for a solution.

Are YOU going to be that person?

Are you going to let this opportunity pass you by?

Or are you going to change things for yourself today,  and make a great decision on a opportunity others will walk away from?