Become the Coach Everyone Is Jealous Of

You are a coach, teacher, or movement starter online . . .

The problem is that although your ebooks, manuals, books, or online training programs are awesome and change lives . . . they aren't selling.

And it's not because you can't write copy or you aren't effective, or that your website stinks (even if it does!!)

The problem is that folks are overwhelmed with training and information - and what they really need is interaction from you:

AKA coaching . . .

Your clients and prospects want to be coached . . .

But you haven't started a coaching program yet because it just seems like so much work . . . you have this vision of hundreds of coaching hours, endless client requests, and being overwhelmed trying to set everything up  and get started.

That's why I've created the Anyone Can Coach Virtual Coaching Membership Coaching Model


What's different about the model I created is that instead of countless preparation hours, hours of live coaching, and hours and hours of hard work to get your coaching program up and running

You see, with the old model, you put loads of training into a site, OR you had to coach each client individually . . .

But with the Anyone Can Coach Membership Model, instead you create a simple step by step guide to your clients success, with simple implemenation modules, load them into a membership area, then hold a weekly q and a coaching call (or even use email or Messenger if you want) for the coaching part.

You can literally have hundreds of clients studying the same material at the same time . . and your only time investment after setting up the initial lessons is about an hour a week answering questions and personally guiding clients.

It's this easy:

Step 1:

Create step by step directions for your clients to follow (or use training you've already created) and load into an easy membership area on your site.

Step 2:

Hold a weekly Q and A style coaching call, and invite all members/clients. This should be about 1 hour per week.

Step 3:

Create a simple onboarding web process to attract prospects to join your coaching program. Use my easy Client Convincer Sales Copy to Easily Write Copy That Enrolls!

Yes, it's that easy.

Forget the smoke and mirrors, the complicated systems perhaps you've seen from others . . .

Here's the thing, I care about your business . . . and I want to see you go to the next level by adding a coaching program . . . .

And I believe that YOU can start your own coaching program, you can do it fast, and you can do it without spending thousands on coaching and training and instructions.

It just shouldn't be that hard.

And the thing is, if you DON'T start a coaching program, things aren't going to get better . . . more and more clients in your niche are looking for personal attention, and the longer you hold out, the more business - and clients - and revenue you are losing.

I encourage you to simply start today!

Make a decision to start your coaching program today!

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I literally wrote the book on Virtual Coaching Memberships . . .

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