Your training access is on it's way to your inbox and should be there within 12 minutes. In the meantime, take a look at a special offer I've created for you:

There's no better time to build a consulting business.

Millions of people need help right now . . .millions of gym owners, fitness folks, karate experts, yoga instructors and many more who need to take their business online pronto.

Millions of others need to learn how to virtualize FAST - they need to learn to use cameras and zoom and manage their time, and not get zoom fatigue and stay focused and ward off family distractions.

Millions of others just simply want to start an online business, membership, coaching program or consultancy . . and they desperately need help, and there just aren't enough consultants to help them.

There's no better time to build a Consulting Business.

And if you've been waiting for the perfect moment . .

Or if you've tried to start a Consulting Business in the past but you get stuck going in circles with endless options and courses and long-term plans

There's a better way:

Use my special process to literally create your Consulting Business in a Single Day!


Fast Business Implementation Has Been Critical In My Business

sean mize

Clients tell me that one of my super-powers is being able to really simplify things so that they can create offers and businesses fast.

I have a unique ability to cut through the clutter, see the exact specific steps needed

to create a new Consulting Business or Offer, New Membership, New Coaching Program

or any other Offer in a Single Day

You see, I tend to get really distracted and I get new ideas constantly.

if I don't implement when I get an idea . . . TODAY

it's probably never going to happen


Because tomorrow I'm going to have a new idea.

And the next day, and the next day.

So over the last 13 years in my business, I've launched hundreds of programs, and the only way I could have done it is with fast implementation.

So I've developed a real knack for being able to launch a new Consulting Site, a new Membership, a new Course, or a New Coaching Program in a day or less . . .

It's allowed me to wake up in the morning, write an outline of my idea, write an easy sales page (like this, nothing fancy), send it out - and make $1000, $2000, even $5000 in a single day's work . . .

And when you take action fast and implement like I do:

  • You can get an idea in the morning, write sales page before lunch, and have clients by dinner
  • You don't have to worry about every single little detail that stymies you, because you take fast action while your ideas are hot
  • You actually make more money because frankly, clients love to buy - and the more offers you have, the more they buy
  • You get to work in what you LOVE each day because you are working on your idea that's fresh and hot that day
  • The best part: anytime you create a business concept live in a day . . . you can automate it and make it evergreen so it sells and sells and sells

Do YOU want to be able to create YOUR OWN Consulting Offer in a Day?


Introducing "Consulting Business in a Day"

Imagine if you could:

  • Create a Consulting Business in a Day
  • Write a Sales Page That Gets Your Orders in An Hour
  • Create a Payment Button that works
  • Create a Members Area to post training and access links

---> All in ONE DAY?

If so, I believe you are going to love this:

Because in one day, in less than 4 hours - literally a single sitting -

I am going to teach you LIVE and demonstrate creating a complete Consulting Business in a Single Sitting - and YOU Can Copy Along As I Go!

Here's what we're going to do in a single 4 hour LIVE sitting:

Hour 1: We are going to design your coaching business:

  • Choose Exactly What to Offer For Your Front - End Consulting Offer
  • Create the Step by Step Implementation for Your Clients
  • Decide on Deliverables and Homework
  • Outline Your Sales Funnel
  • Brainstorm Price Points

Hour 2: We are going to write an entire Sales Letter for Your Consulting Business From Scratch

  1. Headline
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Story
  5. Offer
  6. What you will do
  7. How you will do it
  8. How will it feel
  9. Value
  10. Price
  11. What others say
  12. Review
  13. What will you lose
  14. Sign Up Now
  15. Create Payment Button

Hour 3: Create Members Area to Access Your Consulting

  • Create the Main Members Area
  • Create the Download Pages
  • Design the Order of the Download Pages

Hour 4: Show you how to deliver your consulting, both live and recorded

  • How to deliver your coaching with zoom and other software
  • How to record
  • How to put in members area
  • The Completed System (A FlowChart to show how your consulting business operates

Now, each of these hours is flexible . . hour 1 might only take 45 minutes, hour 2 might take 2 hours . .

but we'll get it all done


and when we are finished you will have:

a complete Consulting Business ready to get clients!

You will:

Write Your Sales Page - Write it LIVE and Make it live

Create a Payment Button so You Can Get Paid

Create a Members Area on Your Site

Record Your Consulting to Resell As a Course

Add Live Components to Your Consulting

Write the Lead Page (so non-buyers become subscribers)

Automate the Lead Page  - to - Sales Page Connection


In short, In a single 4 hour sitting - LIVE

You are going to SEE ME create a brand new Consulting Business Offer from scratch

And You Can Copy along and do it (or watch carefully and do it on your own after we finish the 4 hour smash session)

This is going to be live -

This is a ONE-TIME Event

You are going to be blown away by how very easy I make it for you!

So I'll be dead - honest with you.

When I first conceived of doing this I was planning to make this $297 or more for the live training

And of course it would be worth every penny!

You see, I believe this is the missing link for most Consultants:

They can consult . . .but they don't have a sales page, a website, a real members area

They are just a Consultant in name  . . .and when they stumble on a client, they have to sell them and get paid

So I wanted to make a training that would make it so easy for you as a Consultant to immediately start taking orders on your website . . .

Then I thought of this class and I've outlined and made it streamlined and perfect so that you can duplicate my idea IMMEDIATELY!

But I'll tell you an honest truth:

There's one tiny thing on this sales page that I'm testing (and if you are live at the class, I'll tell you what it is if you ask)

So . . . I need at least 30 clients to enroll to make it statistically significant

So instead of $297 (which would likely yield about 10 clients, a $3000 day)

I've decided to make this class just $97 $37 if you enroll before the class goes live

That's right - just $37 for an entire 4 hour sitting with me personally LIVE
where you will see me before your very eyes create a Consulting Business Offer from scratch, live on screen!

Here's what's included:

  • There are 10 modules, all will be recorded, and you will be able to watch them as much as you want, after the LIVE session
  • Immediate Access to the templates and copy I use as I create the Consulting Business Offer Live
  • Worksheets, tutorials, and step by step print directions so you can follow along and copy as you go

PLUS: everything will be recorded, and you'll get access to all recordings, templates, and everything I do . . .

This is going to be all-inclusive -

I personally promise that after the 4 hour LIVE session with me - this will be so easy you can't believe you haven't done it already!


So that's the skinny . . .

Here's how it's going to work:

On Wednesday April 29th, from 11 AM ET till 3 PM ET (or a little longer or faster depending on how fast I can work) I am going to do everything LIVE for a BRAND NEW PROGRAM so that you see every step -

the brainstorming,

the bullet points

the pain points

the copy

the design

the payment buttons

the sales page

the members area

literally - everything from concept to launch -

And it's going to be so easy you can follow along!

And . . there's one more bonus that is likely worth the price of admission:

The program I am going to create:

The concept

The sales page

The bullet points

The member structure


That's right - I'm going to give it to you so you can copy it, model it, clone it, use it for ideas . . anything you want.

It's time to build Your Consulting Business in a Day

Frankly, I believe you owe it to yourself to build your Consulting Business in a Day!

You see, you have talents and skills that are latent inside you . . .

That could be empowering others and changing THEIR lives right now

But without an offer, without a sales page, without a payment button, without a members area . . .

You can't do it.

Take action!

Join the Workshop and in One Day you can your OWN Consulting Business!