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Coaches and Consultants: You Can Enroll High Ticket Clients in Your Coaching and Consulting Programs with Advanced Sales Letters and Webinars and NO Strategy Sessions or Discovery Calls

Watch this Deep (and Long-Winded and Geeky) Training Video:
How to Scale Your $5000 - $15k Consulting Program With no 1-1s or Strategy Sessions

Over the years, I've discovered and then improved a predictable process for enrolling clients in $5k - $15k training/coaching/consulting programs using an automated webinar/sales funnel/ email campaign.

If you want to see deep into my process, I encourage you to watch the training

(warning: it's about 2 hours long, it's geeky and logical and it doesn't follow "marketing" best practices like emotional persuasion, hero's journey storytelling and slick copy . . . instead it shows you how I do it personally in MY business:

If you have a $2000++ training program OR a $5000 - $15k Coaching/Consulting Program, with this new advanced campaign, you can enroll clients through an automated funnel with a webinar/print sales letter combo campaign.

Hey Sean!

I just wanted you to know that you are a beacon of light that once it has shined on you.. it will change your life. I can tell that you out alot of thought and energy into all of the products that you introduced to the public. I am honored that I am able to experience you on this level... soon GOd is going to take you above the stratosphere! Your awesome! I believe in you. Keep going as you are an inspiration to many. Continue to let God work in and through you ... he is using you to fan the flame in everyone that you encounter.

Thank you. Jirard