Let’s pick up on where we left off last time…


Wow!  I could virtualize any other kind of business!


Could I virtualize an event business?

Could I virtualize a plumbing training business?

Could I virtualize a cell phone repair business?

Could I virtualize a learning how to take the right supplements business?

Could I virtualize what, what else?

What all could you virtualize?

And you’re able to see this right here as an example.



Just  think about this in quarters.  So your


1st Quarter is to get 100 of your OWN clients to go online.


You teach them, in a 90 day program, to go online.


You basically do everything we have just gone through.


You teach a hundred clients.


Now what happens after the 90 days?


If that’s all you do, you’re going to have to go get a hundred more clients and teach them to go online.


But that’s going to get harder over time because there’ll be more competition.


But what if the …


2nd Quarter you could take the 100 clients to a new level!


You show them how to double their members in the second quarter.


3rd Quarter you show them how to go to 24-hour streaming and go worldwide.


4th Quarter you show them how to double their worldwide audience.

5th Quarter should be first quarter of the following year.


Fifth quarter might be how to do online marketing at a deeper level.


So after doing all of this, the 5 Quarters, you could then say you have five different consulting programs.

You don’t have to keep getting 100 new clients, you take those clients through this series of programs…

The 1st level (1st Quarter) is a program to get you to a hundred clients.

The next level (2nd Quarter) is a program to get people that have a hundred clients to double

The next program (3rd Quarter)  is …and just keep moving down the line

Don’t be stuck where you have to get new clients all the time.

Create your consulting business whereas

if you’ll position your consulting business in such a way that you can constantly improve what you’re doing for your current clients

by adding new levels,

then your consulting business is going to be able to work for a long period of time.

What’s your next step?

Your next step is your consulting system that needs to be codified such that you take the steps I just showed you to get to YOUR END RESULT.

  • What’s step one?
  • What’s step two?
  • What’s step three?
  • What are all the things that someone needs to do?
  • What are all of the things that someone needs to learn?


So with this example and you can see that if you were to create a digital training program with a membership, what could you have?

You could have one module that’s #1 The Determine Transmission …  that has 4 lessons in the module.

You could have #2 module and then you’ll have five lessons in the module.

And also #3 module and you have five lessons for all of these things.

I want you to also notice that if you were to do one on one consulting, as you know, I don’t highly recommend this …

If you get a client that needs help with their fitness business and they’re a yoga client, you could teach all of these things to them one-on-one, correct?




You could teach these things, but realistically, is this evaluation going to be pretty similar for the Pilates person and the karate person and the fitness person and the weight gain person?


This discussion is going to be exactly the same.


I want you to think about what I’m teaching right now.


Could I have taught this to you one-on-one? Personally?




I could have charged you 20 times what you’re paying to be here today so that we could do this one on one.


But let me ask you this.


By being able to do it this way,

in a group,

have I not made it so that you pay significantly less,

perhaps 20 times less

to get this information and

this information is 80 to 90% usable for you,

right outside the box.

All you have to do is think a little bit.


Think about this.


We so often get tied into this idea that


we have to do one on one because everything is so specialized.


But when you actually draw the steps out in your business, you then recognize that these steps are very much similar for all clients.


So, sometimes, for one client,

they may not need a specific step that you have,

so they can just quickly go to the next one.


But that doesn’t negate the fact that

you can pretty much teach almost anything that you do one on one

in this group environment.


Components necessary for their success.


So what do you need to give someone for them to be able to do this?


  • Perhaps you need to give them the checklist.
  • Perhaps you need to give them four companies blinked to try.
  • Perhaps you need to give them instruction.
  • Perhaps you need to give them step by step, right?


So as you look at the next visual, you can see where I have entered these 4 things and  for each one of these sections, you’re going to then have components that are necessary.



When you put all of these images together, all these lists together, this is your entire consulting program.


So think about this.


When you’re selling someone on enrolling in your consulting program, what are you doing?


You’re saying, do you have a problem?


Yes, I have a solution.


Yes, this is what I’m going to teach you.


I’m going to teach you these seven things.


What’s the result going to be?


The result is going to be you are going to have a fully virtualized fitness business and we know what the result is.


We can then say, mr owner, fitness owner, would you like to join me in my consulting of you and this is going to be the price.

This is what you’re going to get out of it, and over the next 12 weeks we’re going to go through this process.


So now let’s go back to the blank paper, because this is where perhaps you are right now.


I hope that at this point you,


there’s something that’s happened inside of you and you just had this light bulb moment that says, wait a second.


When I go this deep for codifying and outlining my consulting system,


this now becomes the guideline

  • for my squeeze page,
  • for my checklist,
  • for a giveaway,
  • for an intro video
  • for series of 12 videos
  • for a small workshop,
  • for a big workshop,
  • for a consulting program
  • for one on one consulting
  • for group consulting
  • for a virtual event,
  • for an event


This is my master outline for practically my entire business!


And so now of course,


It’s my responsibility to hand the ball over to you.


The ball is now in your court, and


your responsibility is to give yourself a deep codified outline,

much as I’ve done

right here.


But you’ll do it for your business.